Once Upon A Time 4×19 “Lily” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

We’re going to make the assumption that collectively most Once Upon A Time fans uttered something along the lines of “OMG” at the end of this episode.

Minnesota Flashbacks (1999): Abby Ross returns as young Emma in 1999 where it appears she’s finally found a foster home she really feels she’s a part of. As the family is planning their camping trip, Emma comes to find that her old best friend Lily is sleeping in the garage because she’s found herself in trouble again. Lily has dinner with Emma and her family then asks Emma to help her take back a necklace she left behind at her boyfriend’s house that originally belonged to her birth mother. When Emma leaves the house to retrieve the necklace, Lily steals her foster parents’ money and flees. After Emma returns and finds out what Lily did she runs away when her foster parents refer to her brothers as “our kids” implying that she isn’t one of them. Lily finds Emma at a bus station and takes the necklace from her. Emma states that this time, she’s done helping her for good.

Present Day Storybrooke & New York: After learning that Cruella was defenseless, Emma plots to go after Gold since he’s the one who’s manipulating everything. However, when Maleficent states that she wants Emma’s help in finding her daughter, Emma agrees to do so learning that Lilith is actually her old best friend Lily. Regina tags along with Emma in order to save Robin Hood from Zelena and the two of them learn a lot more about Zelena’s schemes than expected. Snow and Charming attempt to make amends with Maleficent. Rumplestilskin gives his blessing to Will and Belle.

Basically, tonight’s episode was one heck of an adventure leaving us with tons more questions than we’ve previously had but also a lot more hope for what’s to come in the final few episodes.

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Once Upon A Time 4×17 “Heart of Gold” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Moment of appreciation for the fact that no series does plot twists the way Once Upon A Time does.

Enchanted Forest Flashbacks: We see Robin’s first acquaintance with Zelena as he attempts to steal a potion from her for Rumplestilskin. And during his journey to her castle in OZ, he meets Will who tells him about his broken heart form grief. The flashback concludes with a beautiful scene of Marian assuring Robin that she’s in it for the long haul with him.

Present Day Storybooke and New York: While Robin, “Marian”, and Roland are trying to get used to their new lives in New York, Rumplestilskin pays them a visit, but things go south when he has a heart attack. And once he’s bedridden in a hospital, he asks Robin to find an elixir that can fix the heart from Walsh’s apartment by assuming that Zelena wouldn’t send him into our world empty handed. However, what he doesn’t know is that the elixir was switched out for cold medicine (probably DayQuil since it was non drowsy and everything), and Zelena has the real one. As it turns out, Zelena’s still alive and thanks to a six-leaf clover necklace that can transform a person, she’s Marian.

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