Agent Carter 1×05 “The Iron Ceiling” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Agent Carter continues to prove that it’s one of the strongest, most marvelously developed series in existence. And if you aren’t watching yet, there aren’tmany things I could promise you, but I can guarantee that you will fall headover for this show. Of all the shows I watch and review, this one’s probably the most difficult because it’s legitimately impossible to discuss every little impeccable moment, and if that doesn’t say it’s great, then I don’t know what will.

Episode Summary: When the “magic typewriter” sends out a message in codes, Peggy cracks it and tells to her fellow agents that they’re coordinates followed by a demand for $100,000 payable to Howard Stark. Believing that Stark’s the one who sent out the message, Thompson, Martinez, and Li go to Russia. After much hesitation, Dooley lets Peggy go as well when she gets the Howling Commandos to accompany them. Although there’s no detailed mention of the words on screen, Marvel fans have already realized that Dottie Underwood is not only a part of the Black Widow project, but the agents stumble into the Red Room during their trip to Russia. After seeing Peggy’s scars in the locker room, Daniel’s investigation leads to the realization that she’s the blond woman in the photographs. Neither Leviathan nor Stark are found, but with the help of Doctor Ivchenko, the team is now one step closer to uncovering it all.

Review | Analysis: The episode did an excellent job of reminding its viewers that what’s to come is so far from what we expect. The world is changing, terrible people are out there, and the Black Widow project is pretty damn frightening. Thankfully, in an episode that would’ve been fairly dark, the exquisite humor provided fantastic balance. Apart from all the great and terrifying storylines, the best moments were without a doubt Peggy Carter proving that she’s more badass than anyone can even begin to

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