Once Upon A Time 6×09 “The Changelings” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Episode Summary: In flashbacks, we learn about Rumple’s mother after he steals a baby and summons the Black Fairy. And in present day Storybrooke, Aladdin becomes the Genie, Emma finds a weapon from her visions, and Belle gives birth to her son then sends him away for a better life.

Review | Analysis: Once Upon A Time is often great at maintaining an engaging speed with its storylines, but sometimes, there is such a thing as slowing things down, and pregnancies are one of them. Frankly, it’s disturbing and this should be the final time it’s ever done. Please and thank you. That said, Once Upon A Time’s “The Changelings” was a solid reminder of how much strength these characters, especially the woman, walk with.

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