Music Monday

October 13, 2014

Higher – Parachute |x|

One of the bands you could never go wrong with is Parachute – album after album they’ve only proven the fact that they get better through the years. And upon first hearing this golden track off their most recent album “Overnight”, it quickly became a favorite of ours. It reminds us of the very concept we tend to forget more often than not.

If you want to reach that one goal you’ve continuously been trying to, well you’ve got to aim higher than you’ve ever done before. The higher you aim, the more you challenge yourself. The more you challenge yourself, the better you become. The harder you work, the more successful you’ll be. Never stop aiming, kids. You’ll rise only when you try to.

Music Monday

October 6, 2014

Living Louder – The Cab |x|

The Cab has always done an exceptional job of writing songs that uplift more than anything. And Living Louder, is just one of them. At some point in our lives, we all get tired of hearing the cliches over and over again, but the best part of music like this is that it always serves as a great reminder to live.

This song has always inspired. Every instrument sounds unbelievably great in this one. It’s the song that’ll heal. It’s that song that’ll make you get up and live. It’s that song that’ll make you cry and laugh. It’s that song that’ll be there with every life changing experience. It’s that song that you’ll never get tired of. It’s the song you’ll probably turn to a lot. “We’re all just kids who grew up way to fast. Yeah the good die young, but the great will always last. We’re growing older. We’re all soldiers tonight.”

The message is simple but phenomenal: live louder, dream longer, love harder, and fight stronger. And do it at this moment because as human beings our tendency to take advantage of tomorrow is heartbreaking. Today’s what matters most.