#100DaysofFanFavorites | Day 74

25 Inimitable Men 24/25 
Jonah Simm (Superstore)


I wish I worked with Jonah Simms who made it his objective to present me with a moment of beauty on his first day of work. What a gem, right? I’ve always been fond of Ben Feldman’s roles, but never once did I care for a character as quickly as Superstore’s newest employee, Jonah Simms. And that says a great deal about not only how fantastic the show is, but how incredible the writing of his character has been from the start. There’s not a single character on Superstore that isn’t ridiculously intriguing, but what we’re able to see through Jonah is unmatched. We are who we are as a reflection of how we introduce ourselves, and yes, perhaps we’ve all had moments where we weren’t the most pleasant version of ourselves when we met someone, but when given the chance to redeem ourselves we’ve done so. Jonah Simms isn’t always great at making first impressions, but in him we can find someone who undoubtedly cares about being someone whose presence is worthwhile. Through his ridiculous sense of humor, inherent kindness, and steadfast loyalty — Jonah should be employee of the month … every month.

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