#100DaysofFanFavorites | Day 64

25 Inimitable Men 14/25 
Devon Woodcomb (Chuck)

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Awesome — how appropriately titled for Chuck’s Devon Woodcomb. This isn’t the first time I’ll say this and it’s most certainly not the last, but Devon Woodcomb is one of the most underrated characters to ever exist on a TV series … or rather anywhere. Initially when we were introduced to him in the pilot, I didn’t think he was a character that’d make it to the end and that’s exactly what makes him remarkable. He’s written and presented in such a way where the audience will instantly assume he’ll be stereotyped into nothing but a pretty boy jock who’d leave no impression, but as the seasons progress he proves, and in the most effortless of ways if I may add, that he’s in fact so much more. Devon Woodcomb is a number of things — ridiculously smart, empathetic, thoughtful, but most importantly he’s supremely noble.

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