#100DaysofFanFavorites | Day 62

25 Inimitable Men 12/25 
Ron Swanson (Parks and Recreation)

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When it comes to the men of Parks and Recreation it’s impossible not to have them all on this list because of how intricately they’re each written and brought to life by their respective actors. And in truly inimitable ways, each character has the kind of story to tell that someone somewhere needs to hear. For Ron Swanson, he’s not only an unsurpassed boss, but he’s an incredibly kind soul behind what may be classified as the manliest man to exist. As a feminist and a hard worker who loves breakfast and meat an obscene amount, Ron Swanson is the kind of character that’s bound to leave a mark on anyone. And perhaps my favorite thing about him is the fact he plays a crucial role in providing a different perspective for men who may think feminism just isn’t for them — well if that’s the case; steak appreciating Ron Swanson would say otherwise.

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#100DaysofFanFavorites | Day 50

25 Nearest and Dearest 1/25
Pawnee Parks Department (Parks and Recreation)


Parks and Recreation portrays friendships in a way that’s impeccably rare on television. Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins alone are the epitome of how women should be with their best friends. And while they’d be enough if they were the only ones, the entire department is magic together. In what may be the most difficult choices I’ve made in my writing career, I’ve attempted to culminate seven of my favorite moments, which showcase friendship at its absolute finest. The moments that were unbelievably difficult to choose but manage to bring characters together in ways that are beautifully refreshing.

It’s not easy to write about Parks and Recreation. In fact, it’s the hardest show I’ve ever written for because it’s the show of dreams that’s reached an unparalleled level of perfection. It’s the show where a person is celebrated because of who they are and teamwork is valued above all. And if that’s not perfect then I don’t know what is.

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Parks and Recreation 7×12 – 13 “One Last Ride” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

I am ready to conquer many things, but I am not ready to say goodbye to Pawnee.

Episode Summary:  In order for their last day to be the greatest, Leslie convinces the team that they should help fix a broken swing. Thisgives the group time to reflect on their experiences together and fortify their friendships even further. In 2025, the group reunites in Pawnee once more and this time, they’re staying.

Review | Analysis: I loved this episode so much more than I can say. And if I’m being completely honest, I don’t know where to begin or end. The last time I’ve reviewed aseries finale was The Office and all I can remember is there were lots of tears. The thing with Parks and Recreation is that it did the most superlative job of inspiring its viewers to follow their dreams. It was cheesy, it dealt with clichés, it was hysterical, and it was brilliant. Here’s the thing, life is tough for all of us. It takes a while for our dreams to come true, it takes a while to find good friends, love, and it takes a while for us to learn how to love ourselves. And in the midst of all the difficulties we all face, we need the clichés to remind us that at some point life can be unbelievably, unexplainably, and immaculately perfect. Parks and Recreation is a series that focused heavily on the little things – it reminded its viewers that there’s beauty in hard work, there’s wonder in uncertainties, there’s power in uniqueness, and there’s strength in numbers. And that’s why I loved it so much. It’s why I have such a difficult time letting go. That said let’s begin discussing the glorious series finale.

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Parks and Recreation 7×09 “Pie Mary” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Pie Mary is an episode that could only be described as completely and utterly brilliant.

Episode Summary: Controversies arise when Leslie decides to skip out on a pie making contest because she doesn’t like what it stands for. Garry loses his wedding ring plus a bunch of other things, and Donna thinks it’s the most entertaining thing ever. After April tells Ron that she and Andy must move to Washington for her job in a few months, he asks for the spare key to his house back; however, because she hid it a long time ago, they all need to put their heads together to figure out where.

Review: One of my all time favorite things about Parks and Recreation is that it never lets us forget how proud show runners and actors are to delve into feminism. They’ve always done a superlative job of validating the importance of equal rights and debunking the conception that Feminism = girls rule, boys drool. There are countless things I loved about this episode but the main entity is that it reminded its viewers of what a sublime pair Ben and Leslie are. She supports him and he supports her – no matter who’s doing what, they’ll defend their person to the end of time all while standing their ground and letting the world know that love helps them grow as a person. Also, Ron Swanson is a complete softie and Nick Offerman’s a genius.

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Parks and Recreation 7×07 “Donna and Joe” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Donnaand Joe’s wedding was just as sweet and fabulous as I imagined it’d be.

Episode Summary: While preparing to go to Donna’s wedding, Leslie and Ben are visited by Jen Barkley who proposes that Ben run for a position on the House of Representatives. Ron tells Lucy about Tom’s love and it causes a few problems in their relationship. April does a superb job at being Donna’s Maid of Honor. And Larry, Terry, Jerry, reveals his real name.

Review: It’s honestly so great to finally see the triplets, to see that things are in fact not easy, but Leslie and Ben have never taken that route and it’s what makes their family so beautiful. In fact, while I’m surprised with Ben’s decision, I’m also so proud and intrigued with the storyline that’s about to unfold with his second chance at a form of leadership.

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Parks and Recreation 7×06 “Save J.J.’s” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

This episode was a great way for fans of Parks and Recreation to treat themselves one last time.

Episode Summary: Whenthe group learns that Dennis Feinstein plans to shut JJ’s Diner down, they rally for it together and in the process figure out a way to get the Newport land from Gryzzl. And Gryzzl was able to attain it by offering $125 million. Andy brings out a bit more serious counterpart of his (Johnathon Karate) in order to stop Dennis Feinstein. And to honor “Treat Yo Self 2017 – the best day of the year”, Donna and Tom finally take a trip to Beverly Hills.

Review | Analysis: The best part of this week’s episode was how wonderful “Treat Yo Self 2017” was. It was the most entertaining and definitely made for an epic way to end the chapter in the series. Donna and Tom’s friendship has always been an outstanding part of the show and this week especially we were reminded of why. And in this episode, “when it comes to matters of the heart, treat yo self,” became the most beautiful message stated.

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Parks and Recreation 7×06 “Gryzzlbox” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Gryzzlis a worst nightmare come to life. I’m already at times suspicious that mycomputer (an actual person behind it) knows how strange I am for rewatching my favorite scenes of a TV show a million times, so imagine if it actually did.

Episode Summary: On the last fifth episode ever, we’re once again reminded of the beautiful fact that Parks and Recreation is a show that emphasizes anything is possible. Tom becomes Andy’s agent in order to renegotiate his contract and give him the proper show life he deserves. Donna teams up with Leslie and Ben in order to take Gryzzl down for invading their privacy. April’s in charge of interviewing interns but she chooses to make a different call taking her one step further to figuring out what she wants to do with the rest of her life.

Review: The words of wisdom this week were brought to us by the ever so charmingly hilarious, Andy Dwyer: “if you want something badly, you’ve just got to believe that it’s going to work out.” Every episode of Parks and Recreation so far has made me realize why I’m going to miss this show so much. There aren’t many series, or at least ones I’m aware of which do such a fantastic job of pointing out that our destiny and our dreams are in the palm of our hands. There isn’t a show that showcases the importance of goodness prospering like Parks and Recreation and its astounding characters, and for that I’m nowhere near prepared for it to end. That said, “Gryzzl” was a delight to watch.

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Parks and Recreation 7×03 “William Henry Harrison” + 7×04 “Leslie and Ron”

Spoilers Ahead

Full of heart, humor, and exceptional performances, tonight’s two-part episode is without a doubt one of the greatest in Parks and Recreation history. You’d have to not only be dealing with two insanely gifted actors but excellent writing to make an episode like “Leslie and Ron” work – by the time it was over, I was left thinking it had passed by too quickly.

Episode Summary: During “William Henry Harrison” Ron and Leslie compete towards finding someone to represent their proposal for the Newport land. Leslie finds out that ninth President William Henry Harrison has a descendent named Zach Harrison while Ron reluctantly agrees to have celebrity Annabel Porter represent his company. However, learning the secret behind Morning Star and watching Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman brilliantly manifest a full range of emotions was the cherry on top in “Leslie and Ron”. 

Review | Analysis: I imagined that I’d get emotional over Ron and Leslie repairing their friendship, but I most certainly didn’t think I’d be a sobbing wreck. No exaggerations. If I’m being honest, I probably sat in front of my screen for a good fifteen minutes and cried. Days later and I’m still having  a difficult time coming up with the proper words to do such an episode justice.

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Parks and Recreation 7×02 “Ron and Jammy” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

2017” was great, but “Ron and Jammy” was even better. Although much has changed, the one question I still have is how on earth does Tammy still have a job? Especially after this week’s shenanigans.

Episode Summary: When Leslie learns that Councilman Jamm has become a living copy of Ron because he’s dating Tammy II, she decides a truce needs to be called in order to help break them up. April begins to worry over the fact that she isn’t doing her dream job while Ben helps her find some options. Andy and Tom take a spontaneous trip to Chicago in order for Tom to see Lucy (Natalie Morales).

Review: Megan Mullally reprised her role as the diabolical Tammy II one final time phenomenally while Amy Poehler was given the opportunity to mimic her noteworthy traits brilliantly. As frustrating as Tammy II has always been, it’s been hilarious to watch their hate filled banter with one another. While it’s evident that Ron and Leslie will mend their once amazing friendship, it was fantastic to watch them angrily but without hesitation join forces to take on Tammy II. And it was even more glorious than the times before.

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Parks and Recreation 7×01 “2017” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Everything about 2017 seems great so far minus the new tablets that look as though they were created by Tony Stark.

Episode Summary: Picking up after the season six finale’s time jump, it’s three years into the future and things aren’t exactly as smooth with the group of inimitable beings who once worked at the Parks Department together. Tom’s finally found his calling with a successful restaurant. April and Andy are adults suffering with the conception that they’ve become boring. Ron left the Parks department for his own company “Very Good Building and Development Co.” And therefore, he is now Leslie’s version of Voldermort. Donna’s as fierce and as fabulous as ever. Terry’s clearly still confused. The episode’s core focus however, was on the fact that both Leslie and Ron are fighting for property the Newports are tying to sell. And at the end of the day, we all know that Leslie Knope will without a doubt win the battle that’ll give the citizens of Pawnee a national park.

Review | Analysis: The only regret I have about watching Parks and Recreation is that I started so late in the game. However, as I binge watched the series this past summer the most important thing I learned is that with persistence, heart, and a great support system, anything is achievable. And of all people, with her unwavering kindness deserves only the greatest things the world has to offer. The show has always managed to showcase the importance of friendship and that’s the very thing I’m most excited for with this last season as it wraps up after the turn of events. This is exactly what the show needed to bring its once made promises to life masterfully.

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