2017 Year-End Reviews: 10 Characters

A great story is easily driven by its complex, compelling, remarkably exquisite characters. Whether they’re heroes or villains or somewhere in between the spectrum, it’s their stories that make the series riveting — their journey, their life, their interactions. They are the reason a series is special. They are the heart. And while there are a number of wonderfully written characters on TV, these are my personal favorites.

Also, be sure to check out our Series of the Year | Stranger Things article, as the number one performances, characters, relationships, and moments are all featured there first. They deserved their own special tribute.

Plus, don’t forget to head on over to TVExamined and Nerdy Girl Notes to see what Heather and Katie had to say about their favorites this year.

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This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

November 5-11
“Chapter Eighteen: When A Stranger Calls” | Riverdale 

Apologies on the absence from these reviews last week, folks, but we were out meeting the cast of Once Upon A Time at the Burbank Con. That’s the best reason, right? And while our brains are still wrapped up on the perfection of Stranger Things, TV has been a real treat this week starting with Outlander showing off the immense chemistry its stars have. Madam Secretary reminding us of the fact that the McCords are marriage goals. This is Us delivered a powerful episode on the importance of our choices. The Mayor continued establishing its characters in a hilarious matter, Black-ish dealt with parent/child relationships, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine gave us the glimpse into a darkness in Holt’s past. But it was Riverdale that sent viewers down the kind of roller coaster you can appreciate but never want to ride again.

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