This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

February 12-18
“Jack Pearson’s Son” | This is Us

TV took a little break this week, but with what aired, we were left with some excellent material. Timeless took us to back to 1931. Chicago P.D. gave us puppies and a reunion. Black-ish showed us the importance of keeping our friends close. Suits gave us a lesson in compassion. Nashville did what it does best delivering lots of drama. And Emerald City gave us back a little hope for our favorite couple. But I knew from the moment that it aired, that This is Us would take the crown this week with its ending.

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This is Us 1×12 “The Big Day”

Big Three Moments of the Week

Spoilers Ahead

Welcome welcome welcome to our very first This is Us dedicated segment, “The Big Three Moments of the Week”! If you aren’t already watching the critically acclaimed network drama, stop what you’re doing, grab some tissues, and watch. You’ll be hooked from the very first episode — so far, every person I’ve suggested it to has caught up and is now obsessed. Do it. And what better way to begin these reviews then after the episode that was essentially a different version of the exquisite Pilot. “The Big Day” took what we already knew about the initial big day and made it even more special, raw and complex showcasing sides of the story we never even imagined.

Sometimes these moments will feature a favorite scene based on each of the kids, sometimes it’ll be about one, sometimes it’ll be about the parents, sometimes it’ll be about the flashbacks. Three is a sacred number in this show and that’s why I’ve chosen to honor it.

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