Once Upon A Time 6×20 “The Song in Your Heart” Recap

Spoilers Ahead


TVLine.com | Edited PS6

When Once Upon A Time’s 28th episode “Tallahassee” aired, it was easy to imagine that we’d end up here today, but in some senses, it was still very surreal. For five years we’ve dedicated time, tears, and happiness to this exquisitely beautiful couple’s journey in love. We’ve been captivated over and over again through their innately gorgeous, profoundly moving love story as we watched them effortlessly heal one another through love and selfless devotion. And today, we watched them embark on a new beginning to forever. Today, we watched them become husband and wife. And episodes like this deserve special kind of treatment. “Weddings are beautiful, but marriages between two people who’d take every opportunity they get to do whatever is necessary to express their love are immaculate.”

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Wild Wild Horses: Ordinary Life EP Interview


Over at our sister site JenniferMorrisonStyle.com we were fortunate enough to chat with Wild Wild Horses in a fun little interview about their Ordinary Life EP and working with Once  Upon A Time’s Jennifer Morrison . For more on upcoming musicians be sure to visit their website and check out their music on iTunes.

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Music Monday

October 13, 2014

Higher – Parachute |x|

One of the bands you could never go wrong with is Parachute – album after album they’ve only proven the fact that they get better through the years. And upon first hearing this golden track off their most recent album “Overnight”, it quickly became a favorite of ours. It reminds us of the very concept we tend to forget more often than not.

If you want to reach that one goal you’ve continuously been trying to, well you’ve got to aim higher than you’ve ever done before. The higher you aim, the more you challenge yourself. The more you challenge yourself, the better you become. The harder you work, the more successful you’ll be. Never stop aiming, kids. You’ll rise only when you try to.

“A Road Between” | Lucy Hale

Title: Road Between | Artist: Lucy Hale | Release Date: June 3 | Grade: 5/5

In very rare occasions I believe an album in its entirety is pretty perfect, and Lucy Hale’s “A Road Between” is one of those. Packed with enthusiastic songs that are perfect for a long drive and heartfelt gorgeous ballads that’ll leave you marveling for days, this is the album of the summer. Hale’s impeccable voice and the amount of sincere heart she brings to every track are a phenomenal addition in Country music. It’s a debut album that’ll be talked about for years to come and only leaving you wanting more excellency from Lucy Hale.

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