This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

February 2-8
“Manhunter” | Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Welcome back to this year’s first Most Exquisite TV Moment — Brooklyn Nine-Nine is back and with it unsurprisingly returns my muse for this segment. God, I love this show. Its return brought us one of the sweetest, most intimate moments between Jake and Amy and I am a beaming wreck of emotions. Is there anything better than casual intimacy?  No, no there is not. Is there anything better than the possibility of a Peraltiago baby in the future? Also no. It’s everything that’s good and pure in the world. (Title of  Their Sex Tape.)

Jake and Amy’s relationship has evolved so beautifully: between their moments at work and the quiet moments at home, they’re navigating through life together with such a stunning balance between fervor and tender warmth, it’s always a treat to watch. If I’m this emotional over a scene like this, do we even think I can handle these two as parents? I’m gonna be an absolute blubbering wreck of emotions. Give it to me now.

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