This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

March 20 – April 3
“Parting Shot”Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 

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3 Extraordinary Female Character in honor of International Women’s Day | ’14

As the years progress television series and films are bringing to life flawed, strong, enticing, and remarkably amazing women whose journeys effortlessly inspire viewers of all ages. Because there are so many today, this list was incredibly difficult to compile but to the best of our abilities, and because of our own personal beliefs, these women have inspired us in one way or another through their incomparable strength and understandably flawed selves who promote the message that it’s okay not to be perfect.

1. Emma Swan (Once Upon A Time)

Emma Swan is a courageously and relentlessly driven woman whose priorities have always been the happiness of others. Sent away from birth to have her best chance at a happy ending, presumably mistreated by foster families, an abandonment that led to 11 months in prison, and giving away a child she would’ve kept had circumstances been more ideal, deep down Emma’s never once stopped loving despite moments where she’s felt most hopeless. When it comes to Emma Swan, what makes her most inspiring and deserving of all things extraordinary is the fact even when she’s felt compelled to run away from her newfound responsibilities as the savior, an instinctual force stemmed by her unwavering love and remarkably deep empathy towards people and the greater good has pulled her back, and contributed to her growth as an astoundingly strong woman. As Snow White, her mother beautifully states: “you’ve touched the lives of everyone here”, and that’s precisely what makes Emma Swan such a marvelous woman because it isn’t about being inhumanly perfect, it’s about allowing oneself to fight for something bigger than they’d ever imagine in their wildest dreams. And by being herself, the imperfectly brilliant woman, throughout her journey to fit into her savior shoes she’s inspired countless people to become the best versions of themselves possible. Moreover, this amazingly outstanding character wouldn’t be as exceptionally inspiring if it weren’t for Jennifer Morrison’s masterfully commendable acting, and the prodigious passion she constantly brings to Emma’s character. Morrison’s ability to capture every single one of Emma’s distinct temperaments is what makes this character so incredibly superlative to watch. It’s the praiseworthy ability to make Emma Swan look like an actual child when she’s in tears about being a lost girl to her impeccably stunning of way of embodying a warrior when Emma’s taking charge and fighting for something dear to her heart. Any emotion Emma Swan is feeling and whatever story she’s telling, in the moment, Morrison brings her to life in such a meticulously excellent manner that as viewers we’re continuously moved towards relating to Emma and partaking in the journey with her.

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