Parks and Recreation 7×03 “William Henry Harrison” + 7×04 “Leslie and Ron”

Spoilers Ahead

Full of heart, humor, and exceptional performances, tonight’s two-part episode is without a doubt one of the greatest in Parks and Recreation history. You’d have to not only be dealing with two insanely gifted actors but excellent writing to make an episode like “Leslie and Ron” work – by the time it was over, I was left thinking it had passed by too quickly.

Episode Summary: During “William Henry Harrison” Ron and Leslie compete towards finding someone to represent their proposal for the Newport land. Leslie finds out that ninth President William Henry Harrison has a descendent named Zach Harrison while Ron reluctantly agrees to have celebrity Annabel Porter represent his company. However, learning the secret behind Morning Star and watching Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman brilliantly manifest a full range of emotions was the cherry on top in “Leslie and Ron”. 

Review | Analysis: I imagined that I’d get emotional over Ron and Leslie repairing their friendship, but I most certainly didn’t think I’d be a sobbing wreck. No exaggerations. If I’m being honest, I probably sat in front of my screen for a good fifteen minutes and cried. Days later and I’m still having  a difficult time coming up with the proper words to do such an episode justice.

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