Chicago P.D. 3×22 “She’s Got Us” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

“There’s such a thing as having too much empathy. You leave nothing for yourself.”

Case Summary: When an entire family is brutally murdered, their youngest daughter and the only survivor has seen who’s done it. The only problem is, she’s heavily traumatized and disoriented leaving it up to Dr. Charles, Lindsay, and Halstead to find ways to get through to her. And after the events from last week, Roman can no longer return to patrol.

Review | Analysis: “She’s Got Us” was an exceptional episode showcasing why this show is so special. It was great to be reminded of why we chose to review this show in the first place taking us back to elements that were found in the very first season. As one of the most thematically powerful episodes all season, “She’s Got Us” exhibited character growth beautifully showcasing just how vital it is to keep a balance between empathy/self-care, love/partnership, and work/fun.

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