Scandal 5×07 “Even the Devil Deserves A Second Chance” Recap

Spoilers Ahead:

Fitz is free. No jail time for him, even though we all know everyone would love to see him with Papa Pope. But guess what? Papa Pope is free too!

Episode Summary: Cyrus tells Fitz Rowan has escaped, drunk Jake tells off Liv for letting her daddy free and for his sorta wifey’s death and there is a case of a famous author who is accused of rape.

Review | Analysis: Ok apparently Olivia seems to be some sort of a clueless person when it comes to her father.

We hate to say it but why did she tell Jake “if I had known,” when he confronted her about releasing him from jail? Girl, how could you have NOT known. SMH. Anyways, Jake, drunk, lashes out to Olivia for releasing her murderous daddy and for letting him practically kill his kind-of wife.

A woman by the name of Hannah Taylor, says the famed author, Frank Holland, raped her. This man is described as “God’s gift to women,” and wrote a book that inspired Abby to leave her hubby. As if that wasn’t good enough, this guy just received the Medal of Honor from the President himself! Once again, the team is working for both sides – the client and the White House.

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