This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

April 21-27
“A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms” | Game of Thrones


Source: HBO

Sometimes a piece of fiction could be so achingly shocking it pulls you away while driving you into a state of rage and disgust. But other times, there are moments of rare passion — executed so beautifully, it takes your breath away. And on a show like Game of Thrones where quiet serenity is far and fleeting, there’s something so hauntingly poignant about this episode, appropriately titled “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms”. The end that’s near is expected to be dark and devastating, but I can’t help but marvel in the conception that this episode is what the entire show has led up to. (And maybe one day time will permit me write about the entire thing.) All the pain and suffering, the losses and the seemingly endless winters has all led to this moment of exceptional warmth. An episode filled with interactions so moving, it kept me up all night, and at the top of those gorgeously touching intimate interactions, the one I can’t stop crying about hours days later is, Jaime Lannister knighting Brienne of Tarth.

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