Once Upon A Time 4×20 “Mother” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

If we had left the author trapped in the book as he was meant to stay, none of this stuff would’ve happened.

Enchanted Forest Flashbacks: On the anniversary of Daniel’s death, Regina brutally murders a soon to be husband in front of his fiancé and is revisited by Cora who’d like to make things right at the cemetery. It appears as though Cora’s spoken to Tinker Bell and she’s now aware of the fact that Regina has a soul mate in the world. However, after speaking to the Sheriff of Nottingham, Cora decides that Robin Hood isn’t the rightful man who’d rule alongside Regina therefore, the two plot to lie about who the real Robin Hood is. It’s only when “Robin Hood” uses the word weak where Regina figures something isn’t right. When the Sheriff states that Cora wants her to have a child, Regina makes herself infertile with a potion in an attempt to get Cora off her back for good. 

Present Day Storybrooke: Rumplestilskin’s heart physically grows weaker and darker in color as it appears his time is coming to an end. Killian helps Emma see the beauty in true heroism thereby inspiring her to forgive her parents. When attempting to calm Dragon Lily, Maleficent convinces her to stick around for a bit in order for the two of them to attempt a happy life together. Regina finally decides to make the wisest life altering choice, but the author’s still insane and chooses to rewrite all the stories taking us to a place where the world’s we’ve known aren’t as so.

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