Once Upon A Time 4×10 “Shattered Sight” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Tonight’s episode quickly escalated from hysterically enriching to beautifully heartbreaking, and we couldn’t be more pleased with it even if we tried.

Flashbacks (1999): Moments before Emma’s given her camera back and Ingrid leaves the room, Kevin bullies her into giving it back or suffering causing Emma to once again want to run away. Ingrid convinces her to stay for one more night, and on their adventure together, Emma’s powers begin to surface despite the fact that she doesn’t realize that’s what’s occurring. It’s when Ingrid tries to trigger Emma’s powers by pushing her in front of a car that causes Emma to believe she’s crazy – as anyone in that situation would. She then runs away for good this time, but when she sees Ingrid again in Storybrooke, her memories are wiped because she still refuses to believe in magic.

Present Day Storybrooke: As citizens of Storybrooke are hit with the curse of Shattered Sight, they’re their worst, but incredibly entertaining selves, and they’re at each other’s throats. Snow and Charming bicker over their first meeting, Kristoff reminisces on the life he and Sven had before meeting Anna, Henry’s displeased with his mom’s boyfriend, and Regina’s not happy with modern day clothing. Though he isn’t under the curse, Rumple is more evil than anyone. Meanwhile, Emma and Elsa try to remove the ribbons from their wrists in order to figure out how to reverse what Ingrid’s done, but it’s Anna’s discovery that essentially ends up saving the day.

Tonight’s episode concluded a villain’s arc in a way so beautiful, we’re having trouble forming the right words. Literally.

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Once Upon A Time 4×09 “The Fall” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Tonight’s episode felt like a fantastic mix between the Pilot, And Straight on to Morning”, “Good Form” and “Going Home” – each of them being episodes we’ve adored.

Arendelle Flashbacks: When we left off with the Snow Queen, what she had done with Arendelle wasn’t apparent, thus as it turns out, she froze the entire kingdom until this very moment where they were finally brought back to life. With Hans ruling now that Elsa’s trapped in the urn, Anna and Kristoff set off to find Blackbeard in order to ask for the wishing star. Also, since we were wondering who Hook traded his ship to, it’s interesting to know that it’s Blackbeard, and we’re hoping to maybe get a glimpse of that moment. As they’re locked in a box together, Anna attempts to marry Kristoff before they die, but he doesn’t let her stating that he’ll do it when they make it out alive. Swoon. And tears.

Present Day Storybrooke: Hours before the Snow Queen’s curse of Shattered Sight hits Storybrooke, the townspeople must either find Anna to create a counter curse or use the necklace. Because Elsa chooses to find her sister with little time remaining, controlled by Rumplestilskin, Hook steals the power of all the fairies leaving the town defenseless to the curse – with the exception of the Snow Queen, Elsa, Emma, Rumple, and Anna.

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TV Tuesday

November 18, 2014

TV Series:Once Upon A Time
Episode: “Smash the Mirror”

They accept us for who we are and that’s important, but it’s not enough. It’s on us, too. You have to love yourself, Emma – the good and the bad.“  Elsa of Arendelle 

Once Upon A Time never fails to tell beautiful love stories, but the strength of this show also comes from the stunning stories that are being told through platonic love as well. Most importantly, we admire the fact that this episode emphasized the notion of self-love being a form of healing — there is a massive difference between being selfish and loving yourself. It’s remarkable to have people believe in us, but the things they say will never impact us unless we begin to believe them as well.

Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to love ourselves, for surely we’ve all gone through things in life that’ve forced us to believe we weren’t deserving of the good life. At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that we’re all humans – we’ll all make mistakes and we’ll never be perfect. It’s important to accept every part of yourself for they’re what make you special. If we love ourselves, then we understand ourselves, and that’s the key to make right of our wrongs – to succeed in whatever area we’re hoping to.

Once Upon A Time 4×08 “Smash the Mirror” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Does anyone want to help us create Wanted posters for Rumplestiltskin because what he’s done in this episode doesn’t fit the okay category.

Arendelle | Enchanted Forest Flashbacks: In the Enchanted Forest, the Sorcerer’s Apprentice sends Ingrid into our world telling her that in time, she’ll meet the one who’ll become the third sister. In Arendelle, Elsa pretends to believe Ingrid when she says that Anna wanted to strip her of her powers using the Sorcerer’s Hat, but later teams up with Anna to trap Ingrid in the urn instead. Realizing what the sisters are up to, Ingrid casts the Spell of Shattered Sight on Anna which forces her to trap Elsa in the urn regretting it shortly after once she’s herself again.

Present Day Storybooke: After Emma accidentally hurts Henry with the magic that’s spiraling out of control, she visits Gold in order to make a deal with him that’ll permanently take away her powers. Elsa’s understanding that the powers can only be controlled once the person has accepted herself takes her on a journey to find and convince Emma not to go through with the spell. Robin discovers something about his and Regina’s past. And Rumple realizes that the one last thing he needs to free of him the dagger is Killian’s heart.

Tonight’s episode highlights the importance of hope, belief, and honesty, but most importantly, it reminds viewers that as human beings, the mistakes we make can be forgiven as long we learn from them. “Smash the Mirror” as a lot of Once Upon A Time episodes illuminates the significance of our choices shaping our lives.

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Once Upon A Time 4×05 “Breaking Glass” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

If this episode has taught us anything it’s that those who learn from their mistakes receive the kind of happiness they’re deserving of.

Flashbacks (1998): While attempting to steal pop tarts after she ran away from her foster home, lost girl Emma befriends someone she feels she has a lot in common with. Lily defends Emma when the grocery store worker accuses her of stealing by saying that they’re doing a little shopping for their parents. They later run away from Lily’s father into a summer vacation home where they bond over video games, food, and hand drawn tattoos. When Lily’s father finds them, Emma realizes she’s been lying to her and chooses not to forgive her when she asks for an apology. She’s later sent to another foster home where it’s revealed in the end that her foster mother was in fact the Snow Queen.

Present Day Storybrooke: Charming tries to convince Snow to let Belle babysit little Neal in order for them to have an adventure like old times. Emma, Elsa, and Regina go after the Snow Queen and unknowingly take part in delivering to her the last piece of an object she needs.

If you’ve followed our reviews in the past then you know of our very strict rule not to comment too much on things we disliked. Therefore, we are going to try our very best to discuss this week’s episode as objectively as possible because for the first time in a very long time, we found ourselves awfully disappointed with a character we’re normally fond of. Just as last week’s episode was meant to show us how much Killian has changed despite Rumple’s claims about him being the same, “Breaking Glass” was meant to show us that Emma Swan’s heart is bigger than the numerous, outrageous claims Regina makes about her being a ‘life ruiner’.

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Once Upon A Time 4×04 “The Apprentice” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

For an episode that reminded us of the emotional roller coasters Once Upon A Time is able to take us through, the Disney gems throughout the episode were exceptional additions – starting from the couple reenacting Lady and the Trampto Mickey Mouse being the Apprentice, and the broom from Fantasia guiding Rumple and Hook to their destination.

Enchanted Forest Flashbacks: Determined to learn the truth about why her parents voyaged to the Enchanted Forest, Anna makes a deal with Rumple unlike any of the ones he’s made before. In order for him to uncover the power inside the box which holds the Sorcerer’s hat, Rumple must be someone who’s turned away from the darkness within himself. However, because Rumple is unable to turn away from power and only seeks more of it, he must use Anna’s compassionate spirit to do the work for him. When she first refuses, he uses her love for Elsa to compel her into wanting to kill him, but when she realizes what she’s doing and stops, the apprentice in mouse form –hello, Mickey Mouse– bites Rumple forcing him to let go of his dagger. In possession of his dagger Anna understands that he wants what’s inside the box in order for to be unstoppable, but commands him to send her home with it instead. She’s then reunited with Kristoff, and the two discuss what they’ll do about the truth Anna’s learned regarding her parents and their fear of Elsa’s magic.

Present Day Storybrooke: Wanting everything to go perfectly during the date with Emma, Killian asks Rumplestilskin to reattach his hand, but things don’t go as planned when it begins turning him into a quick tempered pirate. And when Killian later wants the hook reattached, Rumple forces him to do his dirty work before he gives him what he wants. The Charmings and Elsa continue to search Storybrooke’s records for Anna while Emma attempts to locate the Snow Queen in order to find out what she wants from her. Regina and Henry are still on the hunt to find out who wrote the book. And a reckless Knave continues to cause trouble around Storybrooke.

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Once Upon A Time 4×03 “Rocky Road” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

While last week’s episode was an excellent reminder that we should strive to live and not just survive, this week’s reminded us that it’s okay to stumble and fall.

Arendelle Flashbacks: Hans (Tyler Jacob Moore) of the Southern Isles comes up with a plan to trap Elsa in an urn in order to rule Arendelle as King, but what he doesn’t know is that someone’s already in the urn – The Snow Queen (Elizabeth Mitchell). Kristoff and Elsa decide to take matters into their own hands where they decide they’ll go to Hans themselves in order to stop him before he can stop Elsa. The Snow Queen freezes Hans and sends his brothers running then reveals to Elsa that she’s her aunt.

Present Day Storybrooke: After Marian freezes to death and true love’s kiss doesn’t work Regina tries to find a cure to bring her back to life. Emma and David set out to find who’s keeping the ice barrier up, but instead find themselves dealing with Will Scarlet (Michael Socha). Killian and Elsa seek out trouble of their own. A confrontation with The Snow Queen perplexes Emma for she feels she may have known her. Elsa questions the disappearance of some of memories. Momma Mayor runs her first meeting. Rumplestiltskin and the Snow Queen know each other but she’s not ready to make a deal with him just yet.

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Once Upon A Time 4×02 “White Out” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

This week’s episode fortified and built strong relationships impeccably while once again reminding us how vital it is to fight for the things we want most without ever giving up.

Enchanted Forest Flashbacks: Kristoff had given Anna, Charming’s name as the one person he’s known in the Enchanted Forest and Anna ends up playing vital role in his life. When Bo Peep (Robin Weigert) comes to collect her debt, Anna inspires Charming to actually fight for what’s rightfully theirs. Not exactly as sweet and friendly like the one in Toy Story is she? However, it’s not until after Anna’s held captive by Bo Peep where Charming packs up the courage, and wins the impossible fight against Bo Peep and her men.

Modern Day Storybrooke: Persistent to find her sister Elsa puts up an ice wall and traps the entire residents of Storybrooke, but what she doesn’t expect to do is play a part in Emma freezing to death. Charming and Hook team up to both find Anna, and save Emma, meanwhile the exhausted new mother, Snow attempts to save the town from a blackout as her first duties as Mayor.

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TV Tuesday

September 30, 2014

Series: Once Upon A Time
Episode: “A Tale of Two Sisters” (4×01)

You have a sister, you’re never gonna be alone other than when I’m not around, and even then I’ll be there in spirit. But that doesn’t matter because I’m here now, and you’re not alone and you know what I mean it’s a nice thing.

It’s a nice thing indeed. What makes this scene worthy of further discussion other than Elizabeth Lail’s flawless portrayal of Princess Anna’s sprightly childlike and compassionate spirit is that it’s ridiculously heartwarming.Frozen and Once Upon A Time have done a remarkable job of celebrating the importance of familial bonds, and at the end of the day, families and friendships are just as important as romantic relationships.

Everyone deserves a sister like Anna in their lives, but unfortunately not everyone has one. And in a world full of ups and downs, what we as people should essentially strive to do is to be the Anna in peoples’ lives. Everyone needs that friend/sibling who’ll remind them of their greatness when they forget. There are times in our lives where we’ll stumble – it’s impossible not to. The failures aren’t the tragedies, having no one to encourage us is.

The truth is, it’s simple to make the world a slightly better place. It’s not too difficult to put a smile on another person’s face. Each and every one of us has the power to do immeasurably great things with our words. If a person’s worth is always acknowledged, their sadness won’t last too long. We can’t tell anyone what to do, but we can try to encourage you to be the person who’s using their words and time to uplift others. Ultimately, not only will your heart beam with the amount of goodness in it, but people would then go out of their way to be good to you as well. Energy is magnetic. Be someone’s Anna, and they’ll be yours. Sometimes it is that simple, because most of the time the one thing everyone needs in their lives is love. Spread love and you’ll get love. Spread kindness and you’ll receive kindness. 

Once again, everyone needs an Anna in their lives, and we can all be her. Lastly, we can/should all strive to be worthy of someone like her.