#100DaysofFanFavorites | Day 22

25 Love Stories 22/25
Deacon Claybourne and Rayna Jaymes (Nashville)


Nashville is drama-ville, but I’ve always loved the way they show that love comes back around if it’s true. It doesn’t matter how many roadblocks are in their path, they’ll pull through it. It doesn’t matter how many years pass or how many mistakes are made, true love forgives. Sometimes first love isn’t true love, but for Deacon Claybourne and Rayna Jaymes, that idea doesn’t apply. They are each other’s first love and last love. And for three seasons we watched them continuously go back and forth denying the feelings within. This is the story of a solid partnership weaved in beautifully with music — a love of mine I’ve yet to find the proper words for. In other words, I was sold from the day one.

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Nashville 4×03 “How Can I Help You Say Goodbye?” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Tonight’s episode was heavy. And I mean really, really heavy. There should’ve been a warning. So in case you haven’t watched yet and you chose to read this in advance, grab some tissues.

Episode Summary: After careful consideration and an ongoing argument with Deacon, Scarlett decides it’s time to take her mother off life support. Daphne, Madde, and Rayna make their amends with Teddy. Avery reconsiders getting a divorce. Juliette’s still partying. And the drama’s intensified.

Review | Analysis: Tonight’s episode featured some of the best performances I’ve ever seen on television and for that reason alone, I almost hated it. As weird as that sounds, I wish these actors were actually bad and didn’t sell those scenes so well because then maybe I’d actually be able to write about it. That said, this is a fair warning that reviews for the series may be a bit shorter than usual because while I love my drama and excellent performances, I have a very difficult time discussing topics that are too sad.

The pacing of tonight’s episode was much better than last week’s, we weren’t jumping from one thing to another, but rather the storylines felt less overwhelming despite the nature of events.

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Nashville 3×21 “Is The Better Part Over” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

For the second to last episode, “Is The Better Part Over” set up everything for the finale in a rather promising way. 

Episode Summary: When word gets out about Deacon’s cancer, he begins to feel like a ghost, and Rayna’s strength crumbles after she loses all the hope she’s built up. Scarlett and Gunnar make a career altering decision for The Exes. Jeff continues to be the worst manager/friend/boyfriend (whatever he is) around. A blast from Will’s past comes in the way of his and Kevin’s relationship all while the media catches them cozying it up on vacation. Avery and Emily finally begin to see that Juliette’s suffering through postpartum, but an intervention doesn’t go as any of them had hoped.

Review | Analysis:  This week’s episode of Nashville did a great job of playing with my emotions and nothing says good television like evoking real emotions for viewers. However, as gripping as it was, it wasn’t a favorite, with the exception of a few great scenes, the rest felt more like fillers. And while it’s entirely understandable considering the finale’s next week, as a fan who’s not looking forward to a hiatus, I wish we were given more. That said, this review will be a bit shorter than most.

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Nashville 3×16 “I Can’t Keep Away From You” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Nashville resumed from its mini hiatus with one of the strongest, most well written episodes we’ve seen in a while.

Episode Summary: Gunnar, Scarlett, and Avery encounter some negative messages on their new Twitteraccount regarding Scarlett’s breakdown in Chicago a while back. Juliette continues to be an adorable pregnant wife. Kevin begins to notice how uncomfortable Will is around him. Sadie and Luke sing a duet together but because of her friendship with Rayna, they don’t actually record it. And after she’s confronted by her ex, in a struggle to break free from him, Sadie accidentally shoots him. Deacon tries to push Rayna away in an attempt to free her from the pain of watching him suffer, but he’s later persuaded to understand that they’re stronger together than they are apart. Teddy tries to find dirt on a number of people in order to keep his affair with the prostitute concealed.

Review | Analysis: There were a few things in the episode I felt were unnecessary, but beyond that, I found myself moved to tears and impressed with some characters I wasn’t always fond of. More so than ever, Nashville has been doing a remarkable job of staying true to its characters – particularly when it comes to Rayna and Deacon. It’s great that we’re no longer running around in circles with those two. Additionally, it’s nice that we’re establishing Gunnar and Scarlett again because the two of them have lovely history.

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