Farewell Rectify

Rectify truly is the best show no one is watching. And how strange is that concept? We’re not the first to say it, and we certainly won’t be the last. It is remarkable in its entirety but its final season alone deserves endless praise. It’s a series that demands its audience to feel for its characters, and it does so in seemingly effortless ways. By the time I was done with the entire series, I knew it would require its very own segment for Year-End Reviews. Rectify’s cast need Emmys and Ray McKinnon’s poignantly methodic storytelling has been nothing short of exquisite. Rectify didn’t end in “and they lived happily ever after”, but it ended with the kind of hopeful poetry that fills the human mind with profound gratitude. Gratitude for what we’re blessed with and the mysterious ways God works for us. Gratitude for those around us and gratitude for what we find when life throws its curve balls at us.

That said, I knew that if I gave Rectify the chance to, it’d land the number one spot in all our Year-End reviews and for that reason, we decided to give it its own article. To bid farewell in the best way we know how to.

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