This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

April 7-13
“The Song in Your Heart” | Once Upon A Time

Another excellent week of television brings us closer to the end of a season. Madam Secretary gave us the lovely of reminder of how much adoration runs through the team’s veins. Prison Break brought us one step closer to the reunion we’ve all been waiting for. Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s back to back episodes served as the best showcase of strong friendships and the power of team work. The Americans gave us unexpected, beautifully moving moment between Philip and Elizabeth. Chicago P.D. was heartbreakingly solid. And Black-ish’s season one finale was the icing on top of an amazing cake. But naturally, where there’s a wedding, our hearts will automatically follow, and Once Upon A Time’s “The Song in Your Heart” gave us an impeccable, happy beginning.  Continue reading

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This Week’s Most Noteworthy Performance

May 7-13
“The Song in Your Heart” | Once Upon A Time
Jennifer Morrison 

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Dear Emma Swan


To be frank, I don’t know how to begin this letter because I genuinely don’t know if words will be able to properly convey my gratitude. As far as fictional characters go, you’ll always be number one in my book.

I’ve been inspired by a good number of strong female characters, but I’ve not seen myself in any of them the way I saw myself in you. It was hard to fully accept that I too, once upon a time, was a lost girl. When you’re bullied as a kid, it’s hard to understand that what people say about us isn’t accurate. As much as our parents can be there to remind us of our value, it doesn’t change the fact that over the years as your skin thickens, your heart also becomes more susceptible to pain. And as a result, you tend to build walls around it. Because I desperately wanted to fit in, I gave the world the chance to tell me who I was while I walked around unsure of what happened to the little girl who used to believe in happiness. Somewhere along the way, I was saved by my faith in Christ at 16, but the walls I had put up never fully went down. Somehow, it was always hard to believe that I could truly be happy, that I could open my heart even though it’s been shattered, and that I could be brave enough to show the world who I truly am — the nerdy, overly enthusiastic dork.

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Chicago P.D. 4×22 “Army of One” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Case Summary: When a group of pedophiles are targeted and burned, the Intelligence unit must figure out who’s behind it. And since capital punishment is now illegal in Illinois, despite the fact that those burned are criminals, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s now a crime. Erin crosses a line and leaves her career in jeopardy.

Review | Analysis: Chicago P.D. is a great show, but like anything in its genre, it can get redundant. Now while that’s not a problem because it mirrors a police officer’s day-to-day lives, on a TV series, it’s up to the characters to make it gripping. And most of the time, the characters succeed, but every so often (too many times lately), the series fails with its prodigious lack of continuity. Although “Army of One” was riveting in every sense of the word, it still poses plenty of questions that will probably not be answered.

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Once Upon A Time 6×20 “The Song in Your Heart” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

emmaandkilllian.jpg | Edited PS6

When Once Upon A Time’s 28th episode “Tallahassee” aired, it was easy to imagine that we’d end up here today, but in some senses, it was still very surreal. For five years we’ve dedicated time, tears, and happiness to this exquisitely beautiful couple’s journey in love. We’ve been captivated over and over again through their innately gorgeous, profoundly moving love story as we watched them effortlessly heal one another through love and selfless devotion. And today, we watched them embark on a new beginning to forever. Today, we watched them become husband and wife. And episodes like this deserve special kind of treatment. “Weddings are beautiful, but marriages between two people who’d take every opportunity they get to do whatever is necessary to express their love are immaculate.”

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This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

April 30-May 6
“Moo Moo” | Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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We went into another fantastic week of television with an emotional episode of Once Upon A TimeAn intriguing hour of Madam Secretary. The Americans allowing us to see into the life of a character we’ve missed. Prison Break’s escape. Chicago P.D.‘s riveting hour of exceptional story telling. Black-ish presenting us with the fantastic spin-off Pilot that’d follow Zoey into college. And Superstore’s finale gave us an emotional, thrilling storm. But it was Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s “Moo Moo” that I can’t stop thinking about it.

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Chicago P.D. 4×21 “Fagin” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

“Fagin”: an acute reminder of just how compelling this series can be.

Case Summary: When a group of bank robbers turn out to be boys under the age of 15, it sends intelligence on a spiraling case to understand who’s controlling the operation. A new member temporary joins the team, Platt learns some inspiring information. Halstead celebrates his birthday, and Lindsay deals with the fallout of her actions, though in self-defense, killing a kid heavily impacts her.

Review | Analysis: When Chicago P.D. focuses on evolving its characters through realistic every day decisions as opposed to rash storylines, the series is at its finest delivering seamlessly balanced episodes. And “Fagin”, much like last week’s “Grasping for Salvation” was an episode that reminded me of why this show’s so incredible.

Chicago P.D. has tackled storylines regarding black kids/teens and the unfair police brutality they face, but in “Fagin” it was the boy’s age which made the killing that much more heart wrenching. Thereby, for Lindsay, this is something that she’ll carry to the end of time because it doesn’t matter that he had an automatic weapon, which was previously being fired and aimed towards her, he was 14. And to end the episode with that sentence lingering in the room left viewers with the haunting heartaches of all the kids who’ve unfairly lost their lives in the face of a gun. In potently powerful scenes, the episode showcased the true darkness in the world, the undeniable fact that sometimes, kids are being forced to do things beyond their desires and in return, they’re losing their lives for them.

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