A Season in Review: Chesapeake Shores

I appreciated Chesapeake Shores in its freshman year, but the show took an incredible turn this season making it that much more unforgettable and inimitable. Normally, while I’m under the belief that TV shows tend to flop in their second season making it the weakest one, Chesapeake Shores did the exact opposite, and I’m thankful for the team of writers who’ve chosen to tell stories through the eyes of the characters. I’ve always said that a TV show is much stronger when episodes are driven by the characters as opposed to the plot and in season two, we were given the chance to love the O’Brien clan even more than before as they told their realistic, encompassing stories through tremendous heart and innate growth.

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Dear Emma Swan


To be frank, I don’t know how to begin this letter because I genuinely don’t know if words will be able to properly convey my gratitude. As far as fictional characters go, you’ll always be number one in my book.

I’ve been inspired by a good number of strong female characters, but I’ve not seen myself in any of them the way I saw myself in you. It was hard to fully accept that I too, once upon a time, was a lost girl. When you’re bullied as a kid, it’s hard to understand that what people say about us isn’t accurate. As much as our parents can be there to remind us of our value, it doesn’t change the fact that over the years as your skin thickens, your heart also becomes more susceptible to pain. And as a result, you tend to build walls around it. Because I desperately wanted to fit in, I gave the world the chance to tell me who I was while I walked around unsure of what happened to the little girl who used to believe in happiness. Somewhere along the way, I was saved by my faith in Christ at 16, but the walls I had put up never fully went down. Somehow, it was always hard to believe that I could truly be happy, that I could open my heart even though it’s been shattered, and that I could be brave enough to show the world who I truly am — the nerdy, overly enthusiastic dork.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching Marvel’s Agent Carter


I was certain I’d enjoy Agent Carter because of how much I loved Captain America: The First Avenger and Marvel as a whole, but I never expected it to become a series that’d mean a great deal to me as a woman. When I often recommend a series to someone, I make sure it’s something they’re bound to like; therefore, not every series I watch, no matter how wonderful I believe it to be is something I’d recommend to everyone — except for Agent Carter. Marvel’s Agent Carter is doubtlessly the only series I would encourage everyone to watch, especially women because of the gorgeously evocative way it can resonate with its viewers. We’ve got espionage, badass females, genius performances, heart, humor, history, and outstanding writing. So without further ado, I’ve compiled a list of 10 reasons why I fervently believe those who aren’t watching, should. I could’ve gone for more than 10, but we don’t want to spoil too much now do we?

  1. Queen Peggy Carter 

Peggy Carter is a woman most of us were introduced to in Captain America: The First Avenger, and while we were able to quickly care for her character then, we get to know and understand her in a whole new light on Agent Carter. It pains to admit that when I was young, there weren’t many women to look up to in the media. And if we had a woman like Peggy Carter gracing our screens then, I truly believe we’d love ourselves a bit more. The 1940s wasn’t an easy time for women, and this is a series that inspires us to care so deeply for integrity and fairness in all the right ways. Peggy’s choices effortlessly serve as an inspiration to us all and though we don’t exactly participate in espionage, we’ve all experienced some sort of mistreatment in our lives. Peggy beautifully shines light to significant issues we deal with in our day-to-day lives while brilliantly revolutionizing the fact that we must focus on our own perceptions of ourselves rather than another’s.

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Project Announcement: 100 Days of Fan Favorites

Fandom Positivity
4 Categories | 25 Choices 

As much fandoms are an incredible place to meet friends and have engaging discussions about our favorite things, it’s unfortunately not always the healthiest environment. Although we wish we could deny it doesn’t exist, negativity is constantly present. There’s almost always some sort of a ship war happening, anonymous hate sprinkled everywhere, and people fighting with people over their opinions. We’ve decided that in order to continue spreading positivity, we’re going to spend 100 days talking about what we love. Apart from our weekly TV reviews, we wanted to start this project as another form of spreading love through our site. We want to take this time to talk about what’s inspired us and we want to encourage you all to do the same. (Plus, one of us is just a huge fan of making lists — if there’s an opportunity to make one, you best believe she’ll take it.)

Because we’re writers, we’ll be writing about each of our choices; however, if you wanted to do this as well, you could show your love in numerous ways: gifs, graphics, hashtags on social media, whatever you choose. We’re all extremely busy so there’s no deadline. You could spread out the 100 days however you’d like, at the end, what’ll matter is that we’ve spent 100 days talking about things we love and that’s a nice way to spend time. And now without further ado, the categories:

25 Favorite Couples
25 Favorite Families / Friendships
25 Favorite Females
25 Favorite Males

You can choose from your favorite films, TV series, or novels. Remember to use the hashtag #100DaysofFanFavorites on social media. And for the individual sub categories just as they’re listed above. You can do this wherever you’d like and however you’d like for the sole purpose is to once again spend less time hating on others, and spending more time spreading love.


  1. Spread Kindness 
    talk about what you love without trashing what you dislike
  2. Write/Create as Though You’re the Only One Who’ll See It
    remember these are your opinions and they could be whatever they want
  3. Don’t Comment on Opinions You Disagree With
    please x infinity — we sincerely just want this to be an opportunity to spread love, if you disagree with something that’s been said, turn the other cheek
  4. Have Fun!