This Week’s Most Exquisite Moment

February 17-23
“One Little Island Girl” | This is Us



It has been a week, darling readers, and considering today is Monday, I’m trying really hard not to talk about last night’s Oscars because we’re saving that for next week. (Thankfully, Katie’s got us covered with the one moment that we all can’t stop buzzing about, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s performance of their Academy Award winning song, “Shallow.”Madam Secretary kicked off the week with a great return, Black-ish was delightful as per usual, The Magicians crushed our souls in an indescribably fantastic way. (It was so hard to choose between this episode and the one I went with. So hard. I can’t even explain.) Brooklyn Nine-Nine reminded us of what a fantastic team the 99th precinct is, and I’ve finally started Netflix’s One Day at a Time. Please don’t sleep on this show, darling readers — believe the hype, it deserves a renewal, and frankly, I’m so tired of fighting for the shows that we all ask for yet somehow neglect. The representation on this show is astounding, I’m not even caught up and I already know I’ll have multiple episodes I’d want to talk about in Year-End reviews. But for This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment, Beth’s journey on This is Us hit me the hardest.

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Forgiveness and Apologizing

Forgiveness and Apologizing ft. Arsineh Sarkisian


On this week’s episode of Marvelous Geeks my sweet sunshine sister Arsineh joins me in discussing a topic that we feel is deeply important not only in our lives but for mankind. We talk saying “I’m sorry”, apologizing when need be, kindly approaching confrontations, and self forgiveness, too. We even discuss a huge flaw we both have that’s often pointed out to us and the approaches we’ve taken to manage it.

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This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

January 27 – February 2
“Four Movements” | Brooklyn Nine-Nine



An eventful TV week kicked off with the emotionally packed Outlander season finale, and a solid episode of Madam Secretary. The Screen Actor’s Guild Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role went to Emily Blunt for A Quiet Place and I’ve been beaming since then. Riverdale wasn’t at its best, but it did give us some answers I wasn’t expecting this soon. And The Magicians not only reiterated that our sweet Julia Wicker is a goddess, but our favorites are one step closer to defeating the monster that’s governing Eliot’s body. However, it was unsurprisingly Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s heartfelt episode dedicated to Gina Linetti’s departure that takes the crown.

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