Madam Secretary 4×06 “Loophole”

Moment of the Week

Is anyone tired of me saying that Madam Secretary does the best job of promoting healthy familial relationships because I’m most certainly not tired of writing about it. At this point, it’s safe to assume it’s what I look forward to most on this show — the dynamics between the characters in the midst of the political challenges. It’s the moments that remind us of the fact that mothers and daughters are at their strongest when conversations happen. It’s the moments that remind us of the fact that simple confrontation with kindness as the tone’s foundation can lead to an understanding that’ll strengthen team members. It’s the reminder that each and every person on this show embody human beings with flaws, heartaches, and thrills that make their lives relatable.

Moment of the Week: There aren’t many things quite as fascinating on television than kids who are able to have honest, heartfelt conversations with their parents. And perhaps, I’m  personally drawn to these types of scenarios because it’s the kind of upbringing I’ve had and I love watching it on television as it reminds me of my life. The quiet moments where mothers and daughters could just sit in silence knowing everything will be okay. The moments where parents will defend their kids in order to make their heartaches a little bit easier. It’s in these moments where we find ourselves understanding in the power of conversation and honesty, but most importantly comfort.

As parents, Henry and Elizabeth have always made sure that their kids could talk to them. Whatever the situation has been, they’ve approached it with caution and openness making it that much easier for the kids to open up whenever they need to. That’s why it was so important to have Stevie and Elizabeth spend time together after revealing that she and Jareth had broken up. Who’d be a better companion than a mother to go through a heartbreak with? But most importantly, I appreciated Elizabeth’s fervency in making sure Stevie isn’t alone when re-visiting the apartment one last time to pick up her belongings. And it was that tearful moment where you could see just how much it broke Elizabeth to know that her daughter’s heart had been broken. And it was in the same moment where Stevie essentially forced her mother to go to the hospital to visit Daisy’s newborn because she knew a new life would mend the aches. Selflessness runs deep amongst the McCords – there’s nothing they wouldn’t do for one another and there’s nothing they wouldn’t do for those they care for. Each and every member is often more concerned with the other’s happiness than their own, but the conscious effort to make sure they’re forced to do things because empathy and love are involved is always so sweet to watch.

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about Stevie’s boldness towards Dmitri/Alexander, but I do know that if that relationship turns into something more, we’ll be getting way more scenes with the family trying to deal with it. And that’s something I’m most certainly here for. It’ll also be interesting to see Elizabeth finally have something to bond with him about because right now, they don’t have the kind of common ground to dive into more scenes with the two of them. I’m also most certainly here for Henry being adamantly concerned not only because of Dmitri’s past, but because of his line of work.

Further Thoughts:

  • I’m excited to see Jay’s hire for the new Policy Advisor and it’ll be great knowing that he’s going to go with Matt’s referral because though she may not be as qualified as those on paper, we can be certain that there will be something far more special in her.
  • How adorable was that scene of everyone looking at pictures of Daisy’s baby? When the term #SquadGoals was established, I’m pretty positive it was about Team Madam Secretary.

What are your thoughts on this week’s episode? Remember, if there’s anything you’d like me to discuss, let us know in the comments below and I will happily do so.

ByGissane Sophia
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