Madam Secretary 4×05 “Persona Non Grata”

Moment of the Week

Politics on Madam Secretary always fascinating, but it’s the moments that remind us of the steadfast loyalty within the McCord family that’ll always win. It’s the moments that showcase the power of teamwork and the pangs of miscommunication. It’s the moments that deliver honest, simple truths about the heartaches of lost love or the fear of wordly events. And in an episode like “Persona Non Grata” that dealt with heavy subjects such as trafficking and fraud, having quiet moments with the McCords kept me, and presumably others, sane.

Moment of the Week: Henry and Elizabeth trading glasses was everything to showcase the purity in this relationship. I’m always so in awe of the gorgeous, casual intimacy on this show because there’s not a single series out there that plays on it as beautifully as Madam Secretary. There was such youthful innocence in Elizabeth’s demeanor as she gave Henry her reading glasses because now, he had to come home safely, and in his response, he returned that innocence perfectly with the kind of expression that showcased the absolute awe he’s in of her after all these years. The infectious chemistry and constant laughter makes the show that much more riveting. It makes their relationship that much more inspiring. So often you see love displayed with so much heartache and lifeless interactions on television that having a show like this portray it at its best serves as the potent reminder that communication and adoration are the key to maintaining a healthy relationship.

And this includes the cautious approaches they take in making sure the kids are doing okay. Their means of checking up on Alison and her project led to not only a remarkable little dress, but it gave the other kids the chance to step in and have something to be happy about. Which then led to Stevie’s breakdown that we were all sadly expecting. But nevertheless, that ballet strut was hysterical leaving the family with some light to find comfort in.

The focus on family and personal relationships on this show never fails to leave the most lasting impression. This team functions because of its means of direct communication and genuine concern for one another. It’s in the way Elizabeth puts her team’s feelings before her own. It’s in the way siblings take care of one another and the office fights to ensure the safety of the people in this world. And “Persona Non Grata” was that very episode.

Further Thoughts:

  • I appreciated the fact that the position of Chief of Staff didn’t go perfectly on Jay’s first day showcasing that promotions or newer positions sometimes come with insecurities and mishaps. It was incredibly human to show that side of Jay revealing that perfection is nonexistent, but the choice to continue trying always illuminates the person’s acute qualifications. Jay’s got this.
  • It’s nice to see Dmitri taking part in the job again demonstrating the kind of behavior that’s showcasing how hard he’s actually trying. Here’s to hopefully seeing more.
  • It’ll be interesting to know who the mole in the office is and a part of me is thinking it may be Russell — his behavior lately has been a bit off, and while it may be unlikely it could make for riveting television.

What are your thoughts on this week’s episode? Remember, if there’s anything you’d like us to discuss, let us know in the comments below.

ByGissane Sophia
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