Madam Secretary 4×03 “The Essentials”

Moment of the Week

At its core, Madam Secretary is a show about family and teamwork. It’s about a group of people coming together to fight for what they believe will make the world a better place and in doing so, they not only succeed in that area, but they’ve helped one another become the very best versions of themselves. Elizabeth McCord is an unbeatably fierce woman who could take on whatever’s in front of her, but without the help of her team, she wouldn’t be the same. And so much of the reason why the team works so beautifully is because of the friendship they’ve all fortified, which then makes Nadine’s exit that much more difficult to swallow. Although the episode ends with the lovely Bebe Neuwirth’s exit, it leaves viewers with a sense of contentment — the absolute doubtless fact that Nadine’s position will never be forgotten.

Moment of the Week: I’m sure it comes as a shock to no one that this week’s moment is centered around Nadine’s exist and the remarkably tangible performance Bebe Neuwirth put on in her final moments as Nadine. First and foremost, I appreciate the fact that the show chose not to kill Nadine off when numerous TV series today are guilty of taking that route when actresses or actors express wanting to depart. And having her choose to exit because she wants to spend time with her soon to be grandchild was perfect for a show like Madam Secretary that values families.

In some tragically gorgeous way, it was incredible how Elizabeth immediately understood that Nadine may not be returning after the requested leave. And that came from understanding the woman she’d worked alongside with so profoundly as a human being as opposed to an employee. Team Madam Secretary is filled with groups of individuals who’ve cared to know about one another beyond the job they do for the purpose of appreciating them as they are in every area of their lives. That’s why Nadine leaving is so difficult to process because not only is Bebe Neuwirth a fantastic, expressive actress, but because Nadine is a crucial part of the team whose shoes will be incredibly difficult to fill. At the end of the day, this wasn’t a fun moment to watch, departures are never enjoyable, but the goodbyes and Neuwirth’s expressions as she embraced all team members broke my heart.

“The Essentials” was a strong episode — politically, too. The team’s means of fixing the electricity issue fit remarkably with the theme of teamwork, the idea that without light nothing is possible. And in this team, light is everywhere — amongst the people, their hearts, and their devotion to the greater good. As much as Madam Secretary is a show that portrays politics wonderfully, so much of the series does a fantastic job of tugging on real life elements and Nadine’s comment about politics becoming vicious was so heartwrenching. In today’s day and age, this is such spoken truth and the series’ choice to sublty address such matters showcases bravery remarkably.

Further Thoughts:

  • This may be wishful thinking, but I definitely believe that Dmitri is trying to get clean and hopefully it works. But again, I definitely appreciate the fact that Henry doesn’t shut him out or give up on him. The choice to continue fighting for him and showing him that he’s not alone reveals so much character.
  • I also loved Nadine’s speech about parents doing right after years later in her fight to fix the situation with Roman’s girlfriend being on the no fly zone.
  • “I’m multitasking. Women are famous for it.” Did anyone else love that line from Elizabeth? Yes, yes we women are famous for multitasking.
  • I also really appreciated Daisy’s baby shower and the expression that she also wants to be a working mom. The show does such an incredible job of allowing women to voice themselves with a support system behind them.

What are your thoughts on this week’s episode?

By: Gissane Sophia
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