Madam Secretary 4×01 “News Cycle”

Moment of the Week

Welcome to our very first installment of the Madam Secretary reviews I’ve been wanting to write for a while now. As most of you who follow this blog now know, the series hasn’t been a stranger on our site, but since my schedule finally permits now, I could write about it weekly. Huzzah. On last night’s spectacular premiere, the series took our Secretary of State through an emotional rollercoaster forcing her to be the victim of what’s actually considered fake news.

And while there were a number of powerful moments throughout the episode, what continues to stand out to me often has to do with the dynamics between characters — dynamics that are so well written, I’m always floored by the series’ means of balance. (These reviews will feature a lot of McCord/office family feels.)

Moment of the Week: Elizabeth surprising Alison at school was everything needed to make such an emotionally charged premiere remarkable. What’s always stood out about Elizabeth is the innate desire to put her family before the job — and though the world needs the secretary of state, we can all understand that the world should come second. (At least that’s how I’ve always seen it and that’s why I’ve admired her so much as a character.) Elizabeth’s sadness throughout the episode because she’d once again be missing taking her kids to school was a valid concern surely every mother experiences, but it was the push to be there that continues to stand out gorgeously. Elizabeth would do absolutely anything for her family and it’s truly a breath of fresh air in the world of politics, but it was the surprise in Alison’s dorm which felt so genuine, so remarkably sweet, I felt the need to call my mom and talk to her. I mean, let’s be frank, Henry’s great and dads are amazing, but having Elizabeth there completed the move gorgeously. Leoni projects such motherly warmth every time she’s with the kids you can’t not appreciate it.

I will say this every single time when I review this show, so I sincerely hope no one gets tired of it, but right now, there’s no family quite as fascinating as the McCords. There’s no marriage quite as healthy and beautiful as Henry and Elizabeth’s. And their means of taking on every challenge with conversation continues to be the very light television needs. Elizabeth’s concern was so valid, and I appreciated the grace Henry handled it with by reminding her of the fact that Stevie and Jason are still with them, and even when they move away, the two won’t lose their funk. The family won’t fall apart. The teamwork that’s present with the McCords, Henry and Elizabeth especially never fails to floor me as it showcases the healthy means of dealing with life’s everyday battles. And in the midst of the world’s terrors, Elizabeth’s family being the anchor to ground her home beautifully.

“Fake News” was the kind of episode that reminded viewers of the importance of conducting our own research. Learning how and what to trust based on facts as opposed to rumors. It’s taught viewers that news outlets clearly aren’t aware of the fact that we must stop publishing anything but facts and figures because the rumor mill has only grown tremendously with the number of platforms available to us. Madam Secretary’s premiere was as solid as ever once again prefacing an impeccable season that’s surely to come.

Further Thoughts:

  • The confrontation between Russell and Nadine gave me so much anxiety, but it was the acute display of talent within this show. The conflicting sides and the diverse means of taking on every situation makes this the one political drama that’s easily viewable.


  • Dmitri’s addiction to pain killers is bound to open up some terrifying doors for both his family and the McCords. But knowing Henry, he’d do anything possible to help him find a way out.


  • How incredible is Elizabeth’s new haircut? The secretary could rock anything.

What are your thoughts on this week’s episode?

By: Gissane Sophia
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