Chicago P.D. 3×14 “The Song of Gregory Yates” Recap

Spoilers Ahead 

featuring spoilers from Law and Order: SVU’s “Nationwide Manhunt”.

Ding dong the creep is dead.

Case Summary: Yates escapes from prison and targets Lindsay, but it all comes down to his past with his biological family.

Review | Analysis: While I thought tonight’s episode was incredibly intriguing, it’s one of those that sadly leaves me with very little to analyze. And for those who are familiar with my work, you know my favorite part of the series involves discussing the core characters. That said, though there’s not much I can analyze, there are a few things worth mentioning, and most importantly, performances that need to be acknowledged and properly praised.

There are some TV deaths you’re able to get over and moved on from, but there are others that’ll always break your heart when you think of them. Nadia Decotis is one of those people for me. She deserved so much better than what she got, and the fact that she could never be a cop will never not sadden a bunch of us. Just as much as a lot of us viewers were upset about her death, so was Erin Lindsay — and she broke in such a way where for a while, it appeared as though she was beyond repair. And unsurprisingly, the MVP of tonight’s episode was Sophia Bush.

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Agent Carter 2×05 “The Atomic Bomb” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Oh, look we’ve been impaled.

Episode Summary: In order to stop Whitney Frost from getting to the atomic bomb first, the squad grew with Rose Roberts and Dr. Samberly. Daniel proposed. Peggy got hurt. Jarvis defused the bomb. Dr. Wilkes disappeared (sort of.) Everything’s fine. We’re fine.

Review | Analysis: Tonight’s episode was a roller coaster of emotions, but it did a remarkable job of showcasing the importance of teamwork. And reiterating a similar theme from last week’s episode, “The Atomic Bomb” reminded viewers of the importance of encouraging others and believing in them. If there’s one thing I love about episodes that involve undercover espionage, it’s the fact that there’s never a time where they’re not hysterical. Who doesn’t love a good ol fake marriage, playing with wires, plus surprising action sequences? Essentially, it’s incredibly admirable how The Atomic Bomb gave each and every character an opportunity to shine. And episodes like this, no matter how dark they get, end up being a lot of fun.

Cue the most perfectly ridiculous slow motion squad walk ever.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching Marvel’s Agent Carter


I was certain I’d enjoy Agent Carter because of how much I loved Captain America: The First Avenger and Marvel as a whole, but I never expected it to become a series that’d mean a great deal to me as a woman. When I often recommend a series to someone, I make sure it’s something they’re bound to like; therefore, not every series I watch, no matter how wonderful I believe it to be is something I’d recommend to everyone — except for Agent Carter. Marvel’s Agent Carter is doubtlessly the only series I would encourage everyone to watch, especially women because of the gorgeously evocative way it can resonate with its viewers. We’ve got espionage, badass females, genius performances, heart, humor, history, and outstanding writing. So without further ado, I’ve compiled a list of 10 reasons why I fervently believe those who aren’t watching, should. I could’ve gone for more than 10, but we don’t want to spoil too much now do we?

  1. Queen Peggy Carter 

Peggy Carter is a woman most of us were introduced to in Captain America: The First Avenger, and while we were able to quickly care for her character then, we get to know and understand her in a whole new light on Agent Carter. It pains to admit that when I was young, there weren’t many women to look up to in the media. And if we had a woman like Peggy Carter gracing our screens then, I truly believe we’d love ourselves a bit more. The 1940s wasn’t an easy time for women, and this is a series that inspires us to care so deeply for integrity and fairness in all the right ways. Peggy’s choices effortlessly serve as an inspiration to us all and though we don’t exactly participate in espionage, we’ve all experienced some sort of mistreatment in our lives. Peggy beautifully shines light to significant issues we deal with in our day-to-day lives while brilliantly revolutionizing the fact that we must focus on our own perceptions of ourselves rather than another’s.

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Chicago P.D. 3×13 “Hit Me” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Case Summary: Lindsay and Halstead go undercover at a casino in order to catch men who presumably go undercover as cops in order to steal money from drunken people. After learning who’s behind the entire thing, Trudy helps the team in the best way she can using her words. Kim files for a transfer and Erin talks her out of it.

Review | Analysis: It breaks my heart that this is the second episode in a row I’ve watched completely disappointed because this just doesn’t happen often with Chicago P.D.  It’s not easy writing reviews when I find myself disappointed, but even I can’t always focus on the positive. There are plenty of things that were great about “Hit Me” but for the most part, a lot of scenes were painfully unnecessary in driving the storylines further. In the midst of all this, I’m grateful to have gotten a wonderful scene showing Amy Morton’s impeccable skills as an actress followed by a much needed heart to heart with Erin and Kim.

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Agent Carter 2×04 “Smoke And Mirrors” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Who doesn’t love good backstories and flashbacks?!

Episode Summary: Peggy and Jarvis kidnap Rufus. Peggy and Daniel interrogate Rufus. Peggy, Daniel, Jarvis, and Jason listen in on a conversation between Rufus, Whitney, and Chadwick. And then Whitney absorbs Rufus but our darling heroes have no clue what happened. In flashbacks we learned that instead of encouraging her to use her mind to go far, Whitney’s mother discouraged her and blamed her for unsuccessful relationships. We also learn that prior to joining the S.S.R., Peggy was engaged to be married, but after her brother’s death, she followed her dreams of adventure and heroism.

Review | Analysis: Agent Carter is a series that has a lot to say and it does so with such effortless grace, it makes it incredibly easy to be inspired by it. While we women certainly relate more, the fact that there are men that have actually watched the series and understood things they may not have in such depth is remarkable. While last week taught us the importance of trusting our instincts, this week we were reminded of the fact that we need to go where our hearts desire and follow the dreams we’ve wanted our entire lives. Most of us know what we want to be when we grow up, sure it changes every once in a while, but for the most part, that one dream that’s been in our hearts our entire lives is what I personally believe is the one we should all follow. No one can accomplish anything alone, thereby, another vital theme presented in Agent Carter is that it’s important to surround ourselves with those who encourage and truly know us inside out.

Agent Carter isn’t just a series about women kicking ass and fighting for the recognition they deserve, it’s a series about remaining true to ourselves in a world where people are trying desperately to mold us into their ideal desires.

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