Scandal 5×12 “Wild Card” Recap

Spoilers Ahead:

Everyone loves a hero.

Episode Summary: Rowan is back and so is Tom. Cyrus is evil. Liv is jealous of what Fitz and Jake are doing in their personal lives. David is leading Susan on again.

Review | Analysis: The stage is set thanks to Sally reminding everyone it’s election season. And of course we know what that means — drama. Rowan is back and we almost regret it. No one wants to see Liv and him bonding. I mean, look at last season. How could she even trust him or how could she accept the fact that he’s “okay” being retired? She later started becoming suspicious of him (what’s new?) and yet she was still not phased by his past.

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Chicago P.D. 3×16 “The Cases That Need Be Solved” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

“The Cases That Need to Be Solved” was undoubtedly one of the most powerful episodes in Chicago P.D. history.

Case Summary: When a six year old boy is found brutally murdered in a park, the Intelligence goes through his father’s past life in a gang in order to find out if it’s one of the reasons. Antonio’s son is staying with him for a while. And we get a tiny glimpse into Jay’s past.

Review | Analysis: There’s never been a title in Chicago P.D. history that’s illustrated the significance of an entire cause so powerfully. The cases that need to be solved are the ones that deal with innocent lives lost due the color of their skin. Although the series didn’t tackle the horrifying police brutality people of color are losing their lives to, the way it showcased how officers should behave was great. I would’ve loved this episode a lot more if it weren’t based off of gang violence, an accident, but I was still resorted to tears because of the kindness that was shown.

I would advise everyone who’s a fan of this series to also watch the latest episode of ABC’s Black-ish, for it deals with the movement remarkably.

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Agent Carter 2×08 “The Edge of Mystery” and 2×09 “A Little Song and Dance” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Does anyone else feel as though they’ve just gotten off a wild roller coaster?

Episode Summary: There was a lot of double crossing and way too many plans to keep up with, but the best news is, Ana Jarvis is alive. Peggy and Jarvis argue over everything that’s occurred making their friendship even stronger than before. Dr. Samberly and Rose return to help our heroes. Jason Wilkes is strong with the force, but Whitney Frost isn’t. Angie Martinelli (Lyndsy Fonseca) returns in a dream sequence to help Peggy with her difficult decisions. And in the end, it appears as though Zero Matter has completely consumed Wilkes.

Review | Analysis: “The Edge of Mystery” and “A Little Song and Dance” were superlative episodes continuing to remind viewers of the fact that Agent Carter is a series that knows how to keep a proper balance between an ongoing plot and character development. It’s also the series that tackles prominent issues in a way that allows us to understand things we may not have otherwise on much profound levels. It’s about learning to lean on other people with each and every character contributing something exceptionally unique. And if these two episodes were to teach us to anything, it is that we must learn how to take responsibility for our actions. The choices we make determine the kind of person we are, but above all, it’s how we react to the consequences of our choices.

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Scandal 5×11 “The Candidate” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

One word ex-girfriend.

Episode Summary: Liv and Mellie team up to get Mellie elected as the 45th President of the United States.

Review | Analysis: Liv and Mellie finished Mellie’s book and just released the best chapter yet – how she was able to stand by Fitz while the revealing of his affair was going on. All of this revolves around one word: power.

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Chicago P.D. 3×15 “A Night Owl” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Love makes us do crazy things.

Case Summary: When Burgess’ instincts tell her to dig further into a professor’s car during a checkpoint, Intelligence discovers 10 kilos of heroin in his trunk. A little boy’s brutally murdered by a gang linked to an inmate the professor was in love with. And when the Intelligence unit finds letters addressed to multiple inmates they also come to learn that despite being married with a child, the professor was secretly in a relationship with an inmate, and the reason he was smuggling the drugs was in order to cover a debt for Peter. After his daughter’s taken captive and the unit learns Peter’s feelings weren’t reciprocated, the professor tells the unit about Peter’s brother and when he’s used as a bargain, Peter tells the unit where the professor’s daughter is held. Burgess and Lindsay partner up in this week’s investigations. Platt and Roman go off on a training course. And Jay gets side job at a medical marijuana organization.

Review | Analysis: Tonight’s episode was surprisingly enjoyable, and it may be due to the fact that I’ve been desperately wanting to see further development with Lindsay and Burgess’ friendship. And additionally because the case took an unexpected turn, it actually managed to make it intriguing. I for one thought he was completely innocent the entire time, but the fact that the professor knew what he was doing and it was an act of love was interestingly shocking. Well played, Chicago PD. Well played. However, what’s not fun, and I’m not going to go into detail about it because it’ll only turn into an angry rant is the constant misrepresentation of Armenians on TV series. Every culture undoubtedly has its bad, but it also has its good; however, the fact that series make more of an effort to merely show the bad is incredibly disheartening.

Roman and Platt served as comedic relief this week, but the best part is that their experiences reiterated the theme of carefulness. And that comes into play for the entire episode as well because it essentially feels as though during the last few episodes, we aren’t paying close attention to what’s actually under our noses. And by we, I mean the characters.

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Agent Carter 2×06 “Life of the Party” and 2×07 “Monsters” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

In the words of Edwin Jarvis: ABORT.

Episode Summary: Chadwick turns Whitney in to the council, but it backfires when she absorbs him and a few other men. Dottie escapes after helping Peggy. Wilkes was taken captive. Daniel’s been beaten then later demoted. Vernon can’t be trusted. Thompson’s still terrible. And the ever so sweet Ana Jarvis has been drastically injured after being shot by Whitney.

Review | Analysis: As all episodes of Agent Carter, tonight’s two hour special was an absolute adventure — a roller coaster of way too many feelings I have no idea how to work through. “Life of the Party” and “Monsters” played with a variety of noted spy drama tropes, but what they’ve done most phenomenally, is given each of the female characters an opportunity to shine. Both episodes also did a great job of exhibiting the fact that despite the fear that resides in us, we’re all far more courageous than we think, and sometimes, a single step is all it takes to showcase that bravery.

Before we get into the episode, I feel it’s important to acknowledge that this series is filled with some of the most talented actors and actresses. They’re not only incredibly fun to watch, but when things need to take an emotional turn, they’re as evocative as can be delivering some of the most incredible performances. Again, why aren’t more people watching this show?

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Scandal 5×10″It’s Hard Out Here for a General” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Olivia left Fitz and is back at OPA.

Episode Summary: A big-name client gets Liv’s help when classified NSA files from her private computer get hacked. Mellie also gets Liv to assist her with writing her book.

Review | Analysis: Scandal’s midseason premiere was all about power and Olivia leaving the White House. It’s been months since she’s left Fitz and now she’s back “home,” at OPA. The gladiators aren’t the only family Liv has returned to. As the episode opens, we see her having dinner with the one and only, Rowan, aka Papa Pope. But do remember that a while back Liv was working with Jake to put Rowan in prison, except now everything has turned around. Liv is back having dinners with her father while Jake is his new roommate!

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