This Week’s Most Noteworthy Performance | Actor

January 3-9
“Now I’m God” | Chicago P.D.
Jason Beghe 

Jason Beghe does a remarkable job with a wide array of emotions, and “Now I’m God” gave him plenty of opportunities to reveal sides of Hank Voight we may not have otherwise seen. The versatile rage is always believably frightening, but we rarely see him in heart-wrenchingly emotional positions. While we’ve seen him in slightly emotional situations, we’ve never actually seen the physical, emotional, and spiritual aches in him that have wounded him all these years. “Now I’m God” required a type of emotional vulnerability not many of us understand and Beghe delivered masterfully. It was not only painfully visible in his expressions, but the poignancy could be heard in his voice, it could be seen in the physical exhaustion he showcased. This is without a doubt the one episode of Chicago P.D. I’ll never watch over and the heartbreaking plot aside, but it’s Beghe’s raw performance that made it so evocative.

When he and Lindsay were talking about Camille in back at the office, you could feel the daunting aches creep up in him in a way he probably never wanted to reveal to another soul. And when it came to the moment of realization that the suspect is the same doctor, Beghe’s anger was not only boldly clear, but it was much scarier than what we’ve been used do because of the terror he wore in his eyes. In this moment, he was a man driven by grief. And Beghe brought it to life in a way that’s often either overplayed or underplayed in media, and for that, he’s truly deserving of this week’s title.

@GissaneSophia // @MGcircles 


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