Graceland 3×12 “Dog Catches Car” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Still no idea what’s happening on the show. Anyone else?

Episode Summary: Johnny shoots Briggs. Mike punches Briggs. Martun tries to blow everyone up with fake gas. Gusti remains tied to a car. A drunken Charlie starts to believe everything she’s been through was for nothing. Jakes hides all the money he stole from a vault under his mattress then leaves the room where Courtney finds it. Paige and Mike finally bust Martun, but with Ari still remaining we can be certain things will be insane.

Review | Analysis: At the very least tonight’s episode focused heavily on our main characters and that alone makes me a happy viewer. However, the agonizing wait until next week’s finale is already dreadful. We’re essentially back to square one where it’s unclear to who to trust and there’s definitely more than meets the eye. At any rate, “Dog Catches Car” featured some incredibly raw moments that are long overdue. It’s always best to see moments of character growth done tastefully rather than having trivial matters glossed over for the sake of an exciting plot.

In last week’s review I mentioned that in order for the audience to truly be shocked by the finale, something has to happen with a character other than Briggs. And well, you could definitely color me surprised at Jakes’ little game. Personal character bias aside, it doesn’t make enough sense for me to actually distrust him. Since the very beginning, though Jakes has shown carelessness, he’s always made it clear that he stands on the good side. And frankly, it’s just hard to believe that the man who’s given the most to his teammates emotionally is anything but good. Back in episode 10, Briggs spoke to Jakes about needing one last favor from him, and this has to be it. This money has to be somehow associated with the favor he’s promised on his end. Didn’t we meet Courtney like yesterday? Someone please explain why she and Jakes are speaking as though they’re an old married couple. I was rooting for them but a rushed relationship is anything but fun to watch. If anything it was just weird and uncomfortable, but that said, Jakes had to have known not to leave her alone for too long with the money? That however shows immense character because instead of continuing to sneak around, he chose to comfort Charlie. He chose to sit by her side and remind her of what an incredible woman she is and why she’s so special. He chose his friend over business and a man like that can’t do too much damage now can he?

Since we’re on the topic of Charlie, is anyone else’s heart breaking for her? It’s fantastic that she’s finally locked down Germaine, but at the end of the day, she lost a part of her she can never get back. She lost her child and that loss not only still haunts her but it’ll continue to break her because it’s such a terrible thing to go through. It’s heartbreaking to see her so vulnerable but it’s also nice to know that she feels safe enough to confide in someone like Jakes. It’s nice to know that she sees the efforts he’s put around the house and she acknowledges that he’s truly one of the few people who actually deserves a happy ending. If you break apart the word choices and take a look at the situation with everything we know, all signs do essentially point to a terrible betrayal from Jakes. If he’s the most special one, then his betrayal will be the most shocking. However, let’s not go there.

I still don’t know where I stand with Briggs. It’s never going to be easy to trust that man because we could’ve avoided so much if he’d just laid out his plan from the very beginning. And where is the gas if Martun had a fake one? Did it never exist the way we imagined? Hopefully these questions are answered next week but for the most part, it was fabulous to see Mike punch Briggs. And even more than that it was great to finally see that Briggs wasn’t at top. It was great to see that Mike hasn’t lost it and that the team’s really trying to get everything done. I wish we’d gotten a bit more confrontation with Johnny and Briggs, but here’s to hoping that happens next week.

Johnny’s place in all this ultimately is just a reminder of the fact that his character has changed so drastically since the first season. We’ve seen him as the happiest member of the house, but now he’s the one who’s been most betrayed. He’s always seen Briggs as an older brother figure but nearly died because of the secrecy. Graceland is supposed to be a secret from the rest of the world, but the secrecy in the house goes far beyond that.

This review is drastically shorter than most because I felt the episode served more as a stepping point hence, I would like to save most of my thoughts on developments for the finale. What are your predictions for the finale?



2 thoughts on “Graceland 3×12 “Dog Catches Car” Recap

  1. Aud says:

    “Back in episode 10, Briggs spoke to Jakes about needing one last favor from him, and this has to be it. This money has to be somehow associated with the favor he’s promised on his end.” — Yes, it is, and we already knew that, because that’s literally what Briggs specifically asked for. The entire exchange you mentioned was 100% about Jakes skimming money from his bank operation for Briggs. “Enough to disappear and stay gone.” Not sure why you phrase it as speculation.


    • The reason I’m writing it as a speculation is because I’m looking at from the perspective of this “shocking finale”. Briggs’ favor could’ve been anything from fake IDs/passports to a transportation out (Jakes does work for customs, he could’ve figure out a way out of this). But the point is, we’ve yet to have communication with Briggs and Jakes over the deal being done hence why I’m just keeping it as a speculation until the finale. Hope that makes sense.


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