Graceland 3×11 “The Wires” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

And the web of lies continues.

Episode Summary: Charlie and Jakes finally get Germaine behind bars. Briggs continues to confuse everyone and their mothers. Ari’s still horrid. After surviving the locker room beating, Javi’s mom welcomes Johnny into their family but things may go sour now that her son’s been brutally murdered. Mike, Paige, and Johnny finally have proof that Briggs has been moving sarin gas.

Review | Analysis: Word around the street is that there’s no way fans will ever suspect how the season will end thereby, that has me thinking that this entire thing with Briggs is actually all part of an even bigger plan. Perhaps someone else in this house is working along side him making all of this more shocking in the long run? And that’s something I’d absolutely hate to see but I don’t know what else the series can do that’ll shock the audience even more than Briggs’ betrayal. Or maybe, the truth is that he’s grown fond of working for the Sarkissians and at some point, he’ll play a vast role in Graceland getting burned. What do you readers think the shocking ending will look like?

If you’ve read my reviews in the past, then you’re fully aware of my form of my analysis, and you’re also aware of the fact that it’s been lacking tremendously this season. The truth is, I try to find at least something to talk about that doesn’t involve generic recapping, but for the most part, Ari bores me — this entire family bores me. We’ve seen it all far too many times and at this point such storylines are just unoriginal. Thus, when an episode focuses so heavily on his ridiculousness, it leaves very little room to actually concoct a proper analysis.

“The Wires” gave Brandon Jay McLaren some really great material to work with and it was an absolute delight to watch Jakes and Charlie win. The plan to lure Germaine out of the room in order for Jakes to lock in his biggest client was perfect — finally a case that worked out really well. And now the only problem is Briggs knows thus, if he’s untrustworthy, something tells me that the plan that worked out so perfectly may flop just as quickly. At this point, I’m convinced that they’re all connected which takes me to my next point — my suspicions with Courtney. There’s absolutely nothing I want more than Dale Jakes’ incandescent happiness, but all this has just happened at a time where legitimately everyone’s untrustworthy. And it forces me to believe that maybe, just maybe she was sent there by Briggs. I sincerely hope I’m wrong, but I can’t help but second guess everything at this point. However, suspicions aside, Jakes is ridiculously great as his job and it’s so nice that we finally see him in action. This is essentially the first time where we’ve seen him really sell a cover to the core and it’s been great to watch. And truly, I’m so thankful he once again asked Charlie if she was okay — the man sees things, he knows people, and I’m glad these moments are happening when he’s around.

Speaking of Charlie, there’s nothing I wish more than to have seen her punch Germaine in the face. I cannot believe he was repulsive enough to actually talk about her baby even when he knew she lost it. At the end of the day, what truly matters is the fact that she’s caught him and everything she’s gone through didn’t go to waste. My all time favorite moment of this entire season so far has been the opening of this episode. Christmas is my favorite holiday, y’all and to hear these dorks discuss ornaments was hysterical. And now I have a mighty need for a Christmas special episode that we’ll probably never ever get unless maybe if Jesus decided to ask for one himself. Christmas miracle? Ultimately it was such a sweet scene that really showcased how comfortable the team is with one another when things are good. They can plan how to embark on a case while discussing the holidays. Who doesn’t find that wonderful? And it’s just nice to know that in the midst of all the arguing, they’re still a family and they can sit around talking about the most random things. If this series had an equal balance between cases and family time, it’d be the greatest thing on television.

I was so proud to see Johnny pull through the beating and come out even stronger emotionally. It’s not easy for him to distrust Briggs, but at this point in his life he’s come to understand that things truly aren’t black and white. Johnny’s always been the one member of the house who’s always wanted everything to work out perfectly, for them to come out treasuring one another even in the midst of bad times. But over the years, it’s gotten to a point where he’s realized that unfortunately no one thinks like him. And Johnny’s way of thinking in my opinion, has always been the healthiest. They’re a family and they hardly behave one. And I sure hope he gets his sunshine back because it’s sad to see he’s lost that spirit in him.

It’s so great that Mike and Paige are working together again — their dynamic’s always been one of my favorites for this very reason. They’re good teammates and when they’re on the same page, there’s nothing they can’t get done. It’s a nice parallel to the first season where things were effortlessly good when working together. And after everything they’ve been through, it’s lovely to see them comfortable with one another again as they grow as characters.

Here’s the thing about Briggs that essentially has me confused. He’s not sloppy. Mike’s been onto him numerous times in the past, and Briggs is a smart cookie, he knows this — so why bother helping Mike? Sure, he cares for him and he’s not completely heartless, but why wouldn’t he wait until he was finished with his schemes first? If Mike’s sober, he’s more alert so why would Briggs want that? Unless he was truly oblivious or not thinking straight? Or he’s not really this big bad? Plus, wouldn’t he make sure he wasn’t caught on camera? It all seems too easy. And while I’m not saying Mike’s visions were divine messages of the sort, but he did “dream” of them before Briggs even knew. Henceforth, it’s left me questioning whether or not the messages are tied to something completely different — perhaps they were just a spiritual way of cleansing him from all he’s been through.

What are your thoughts on the matter? What do you think this ultimate shocking finale will be in regards to? Let us know in the comments below.



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