Graceland 3×10 “Master of Weak Ties” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Everything’s connected and Paul Briggs doesn’t like sharing all his plans. 

Episode Summary: After Charlie learns that Germaine has a huge contact ATF is after, she asks Jake to get a meet with them. Johnny and Paige help Briggs do whatever he’s doing. Ari’s gone through the tattoo ceremony and Toros’ death was staged as a suicide. Oh, and as it turns out, Gusti’s been working with Briggs. Lol.

Review | Analysis: I appreciated Lucy Liu’s direction for such a driven episode, but I wish she was given more opportunities to work around the main cast in Graceland. The most fascinating part of the entire episode was the opening segments with the group trying to clean up the mess from last week. It was cinematically gorgeous and for a little series like Graceland, it felt extremely fitting.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed in the approach this episode took. We’ve got three episodes left and I still don’t feel as though the team’s an actual team. Last season we dealt with a huge fall out, and instead of patching things up, we’re drifting further apart.

Here’s my biggest concern, as an Armenian, I’m so offended by the entire church ceremony. It takes a lot to offend me, kind readers, it really does. A church is God’s home — no matter what religion you follow, you go to a church/mosque/synagogue to worship the God you believe in. And I feel I can speak on behalf of all religious teachings that no God condones murder. That said, as a Christian who’s grown up in Armenian churches, such rituals wouldn’t be allowed inside God’s home. The inaccurate portrayal of our culture not only saddens me, but baffles me to a point of speechlessness. Ari’s a villain, and while God believes in forgiveness, he hasn’t repented to earn it — he’s used God’s home as a place to praise his sinful and unjust doings. I don’t say this often, but I hated every part of this scene — the way he stood where a priest normally does with his hands up was just downright ridiculing to any religion. This is ultimately why I’ve taken so long to write this review, I simply don’t know how to put words together to express my disappointment and shame.

That said, I rather spend the rest of this review discussing the little moments I actually enjoyed because I’m pretty much frustrated with the rest of the series — especially the fact that we still have no idea what team Briggs is playing for.

I love Charlie and Briggs when they’re friends and honest with one another. Vanessa Ferlito and Daniel Sunjata have remarkable chemistry together and you could always feel just how effortlessly the characters care for one another. There’s incredible adoration between them, so when things are good, it’s really enjoyable to watch. I love that Charlie chose to tell Briggs the truth about the child. I love that she chose to be honest with him because she sincerely values him. And I love that even though Briggs’ responded angrily at first, he realized that he was wrong and apologized for not being there. It was wise of him to take that approach because even though they weren’t a couple, it was their child and he should’ve focused more on her as opposed to the case with the Sarkissians. Nonetheless, it’s fantastic we didn’t gloss over Charlie’s miscarriage because she deserves to take time off. I wish it were different and I wish the house would dedicate a day to catering her, but clearly the series feels otherwise about it.

Speaking of Charlie, I love how far she’s getting with Germaine. The agent over at ATF didn’t treat her well at all so the fact that Jakes will now be handling everything is exactly what we need. And you all know how much I love it when Dale Jakes has a longer storyline. #GiveMeMore. I couldn’t love his character anymore if I tried and this week, he proved that conception once more when he immediately took it upon himself to tell it how it is to Briggs. We cannot deny that Paul Briggs is shady. And while I don’t think it was right of Mike to yell at him for the red birds, everything he’s said is pretty much accurate. At the end of the day, if that’s what it took to get my friend away from a drug addiction, I’d do it too. Briggs was right, he chose to show Mike his strength because the drugs were a weakness; however, Briggs’ choice not to share all of his plans with the entire team is wrong in every way possible. Actions have severe ramifications, and as everyone’s pointed out, Toros’ blood isn’t on Paige’s hands. If Briggs had told Johnny, Mike, and Paige that the plan was to give out her name, none of this would’ve happened. Therefore, everyone has a right to be weary of him. And now that Jakes is involved in covering for him once more, something tells me this isn’t going to end will. Briggs has burdened Jakes with far too many secrets at this point and if they catch up negatively, my oh my, I will riot. Basically, I’ll go create a new spin off called the Dale Jakes show and it’ll be the happiest thing ever because no one will get hurt. Who’s with me?

It was nice of Charlie and Mike to help Madison get clean but I’m still not sure how much I trust her or Vin for that matter now. Until we learn what ties Briggs has with him, I feel like all of this was intricately planned out for something bigger and worse. I loved Charlie’s talk though, because so often in life we don’t realize what we have, and if a little girl can wake up smiling everyday without her leg, then so can the rest of us. We need to value every part of the life that we’re given because it’s a blessing. It was an incredible lesson in an otherwise dark episode so hats off, writers — it’s been appreciated.

Somehow there’s always an episode of Graceland where we’re left questioning Johnny’s fate but as per usual, he’ll be fine. It’s just unfortunate that he’s constantly in the middle of cases that aren’t his where he gets severely injured. I don’t know if Briggs realized how tough these guys were, but if he did, and he sent out Johnny to meddle with them, then same story with Dale Jakes, give him a happy spin off. I loved that he was given an opportunity to show off his skills as a fighter because it’s rare that we see Johnny really win at something. And we all know he’s perfectly capable of it. Other than his solo case, I liked seeing him and Paige talk about everything that happened. And I especially liked the fact that he mentioned killing Sid because that couldn’t have been easy on him. The house needs to sit by a fire and talk about all the shit they’ve done in the last two years because it’s seriously affected them in ways they cannot even fathom. And instead of ignoring their issues and having two second conversations about them, we should actually try to fix things the way they’ll be in the real world — through time and actions. I get that this is a TV series where we don’t have a lot of time, but maybe we should draw examples from ABC’s Once Upon A Time because that’s a series where character growth happens perfectly.

What are your thoughts on this week’s episode? Do you think Briggs is trustworthy or is this all part of his great plan? Let us know in the comments below.



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