Graceland 3×09 “Hand of Glory” Recap

Spoilers Ahead 

Things aren’t ever what they seem and that’s pretty frustrating.

Episode Summary: Charlie convinces Jake to go back in business with Germaine. Briggs tortures Logan to prove his loyalties to Ari. Mike and Johnny are on duty to watch Toros, but they ditch that scene when Mike starts to second-guess Briggs’ intentions. After Logan’s had enough he gives up Paige’s name and Ari notifies the Sarkissian family realizing that the DEA’s + FBI’s intentions are to bring down Martun. And when Paige flees from the scene, Toros follows — only it doesn’t end well for him.

Review | Analysis:Hand of Glory” was riveting and action packed — a reminder of the kind of show Graceland can be. I was proud to see that each character had a prominent storyline which was thoroughly intriguing and set off the rest of the season’s tone excellently. My only concern now is hurry up and wrap up this case with the Sarkissian family because it’s been too much already.

I love the fact that Charlie and Jakes are back to working together. And I love the fact that Germaine will now be taken down from the inside (especially if it was to do with someone else calling the shots). Ultimately, even though their scenes were shorter than the group dealing with the Sarkissians, I loved that it felt effortless. They make such an excellent team and with strategic planing, I’ll bet they’ll get to where they need to as soon as possible. It was also nice to see Jakes play a much bigger role in cases than he has been lately.

As great as these scenes were, I’m not okay with the fact that we’ve yet to see Charlie really take some time to grieve. I want the others to find out about what happened to her, and I want them to take care of her the way she always takes care of them. However, at the rate we’re going, something tells me that this will never happen. It’s disappointing.

And now onto the rest of the hooligans. I don’t blame Mike for his suspicions. Briggs seriously needs to get in the habit of sharing all of his plans with the team. And yes, teams are supposed to be able to trust one another, but Briggs’ track record isn’t exactly the cleanest. We know Logan’s been on his case and he won’t stop, so it made all the sense in the world that Mike would assume he’d try to eliminate the problem. What’s irritating about all this is that the series is still trying to pin Briggs as a shady agent. It’s been three seasons already we don’t need this nonsense. An example of how to handle situations like this should be taken from NBC’s Chuck — a prime paradigm of a series that presented good and bad with the right amount of ambiguity. It’s been three seasons already and neither the audience nor the characters can figure out what’s truly going on inside Briggs’ head. I’m glad he called Paige to warn her, but it still doesn’t change the fact that had he shared his plans in detail with the group, so much of what occurred could’ve been prevented.

Did anyone else love seeing Mike and Johnny work together? The two used to have such amazing scenes together before and they’re so very missed.

Just a little side note: no sane Church let alone an Armenian one would allow a tattoo celebration for known members of the mafia. The inaccuracies in this plot continue to rile my brain and force me into a state of complete and utter discomfort while watching the series. Not to mention it’s essentially what’s made reviewing this season so difficult. At least Toros’ accent was finally understandable this week.

What “Hand of Glory” did phenomenally however, is the fact that for a moment, it actually made me feel sympathy for Toros. For a moment, we were able to understand that he did what we did because he felt he owed something to Martun for saving his mom’s life from his abusive father. And that was a fantastic touch to character. Unfortunately, he went and screwed it all up by doing the same exact thing to Paige. I don’t blame her for what she’s done because yes, hello self defense. And the authorities surely won’t prosecute her either over it. The only problem now is that when Toros goes missing, Martun and Ari will probably go after Paige knowing everything he knows about her being a DEA agent.

Finally, we’re at a place where I’m excited for the next episode because lives are at stake and things are about to get more intense in a much more riveting way. I can’t wait to see how the team tries to come out of this one and hopefully it brings them out stronger than ever. As I’ve previously said, these cases just haven’t been thrilling and my lack of analysis is due to the fact that I just don’t know what to talk about. For the first time however, I’m looking forward to something that’s got to do with the case so I hope there’s a lot to talk about next week.

Let us know what you think in the comments below and if you have any concerns you’d like us to address, we’ll gladly do so.

— @GissaneSophia


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