Graceland 3×08 “Savior Complex” Recap

Spoilers Ahead 

When it appears one agent’s finally chosen the right path, another seems to be trailing off somewhere unpredictable. 

Episode Summary: Odin Rossi makes a quick reappearance. With the help of the red birds, Mike realizes he needs the team’s help to detox. Jakes finally arranges a meet with Germaine but as it turns out he’s a CI under the ATF’s protection. In other words, everything Charlie’s gone through and lost has been for nothing. Amber’s back in prison. Ari and Toros are debating dealing with the FBI. And Vin is going back home leaving Mike in charge of the nuclear weapon.

Review | Analysis: “Savior Complex” much like “Bon Voyage” was full of riveting performances. However, “Savior Complex” has kicked off the rest of the season’s arc in a way I never imagined possible. Although this episode was intriguing, I still can’t help but be disappointed in the fact that characters are always sidelined. Graceland is about undercover FBI/DEA/Customs agents and sometimes, it seems we don’t give enough attention to the rest. I miss the days where they each had their own cases then came together at the end of the day — those are fun.

I’m incredibly disappointed in the fact that everything Charlie’s gone through has been for nothing. And what irritates me beyond belief is the fact that we weren’t even able to see her grieve. I do however love that once he found out, Jakes immediately jumped to her defense and tried to calm her down. It’s so fantastic that he’s always there for the teammates when they fall. He’s the easiest person to talk to or simply find comfort in when something doesn’t go right. It’s amazing how far he’s come as a character and it’s even more amazing that in the midst of all this chaos, he’s able to keep a straight vision for everyone else. There should be a day in Graceland just to honor his character growth because no one has had it as great as his. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, he needs more screen time. A lot more than what he’s been getting, but it must feel nice to know that his scenes are truly the ones that have been sticking out most beautifully this season. It’s so screwed up that he did such a fantastic job with the cover only to have it blown up in their faces. Sigh. Charlie lashed out on Amber in the process, but towards the end when Amber’s back in prison, we see that Charlie has sent her an origami frog — a simple symbol to show that she cares. If the series comes back for a fourth season, I really hope we get to see Amber again because this was a friendship I enjoyed watching as it developed.

Mike’s detox doesn’t go smoothly but in the end, he comes back from the “dead” again. His vision with the birds was gorgeously done and it’s nice to see that it was his choice to follow them towards the right path. Mike may have been intrigued by this vision because of the drugs, but at the end of the day, they did play a role in saving him. And in the divine world, signs exist. So perhaps what Mike’s seeing really is something that’s meant to help him. And I love the team kept going by him to tell him stories in order to make the process easier. It’s always nice to see them taking care of each other and while I adore Mike, I really need the team to do the same with Charlie soon. I need them to let her grieve and unwind with them. Tveit’s performances have been exceptional these past two weeks and the whirlwind of emotions he brought to life during the detox made for incredible television. I love that the series is constantly giving him opportunities to showcase his gifts as an actor.

We have no idea what Briggs is doing kidnapping his boss, but a part of me truly believes he actually thinks it’s for the best. Briggs’ methods are shady but I do trust that he’s on the right path. However, a part of me also feels that maybe this time he won’t get away with things the way he’s done before. Perhaps he’ll put the Sarkissians behind bars, but a part of me thinks he may have to pay for his crimes as well.

Johnny and Paige weren’t really given enough material these week and much like my concern with Jakes and Charlie, it’s saddening. We need to see more of these character and their individual struggles the way we do with Mike and Briggs.

What are your thoughts on this week’s episode? Let us know in the comments below.


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