Graceland 3×06 “Sidewinder” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Secrets are out and foundations are strengthened.

Episode Summary: Toros just isn’t fond of Briggs so luckily, Paige saves his life in the unsexiest sex scene ever. Mike proves he’s trustworthy to Gusti. Charlie and Jakes successfully arrange a meet with Germaine. Johnny’s awesome. And the team finally learns Mike’s secret.

Review | Analysis: The best part of this episode was the fact that each team member was paired off on a mission. And in the world of Graceland, there’s nothing better than team work. I didn’t particularly find this episode as entertaining as last week’s but it’s made me so excited for next week.

Charlie’s baby bump is showing and it’s actually making me pretty nervous for what’s to come. Briggs isn’t exactly the most observant guy, but we can be certain that he’s about to find out soon. However, can a baby be brought to Graceland?! They lead such dangerous lives that Charlie’s going to have to leave Graceland if she wants to raise the child in a healthy environment. That said, I’m so happy that she’s finally decided to do an inventory count because realizing that there are pills missing is the best way for the team to realize that Mike’s addiction has worsened.

It was so nice to finally Jakes on a mission – if it didn’t happen this way, I was holding out hope for some more bird cases. At this point we can be certain that the man can take care of himself even if gators are attacking. It was a perfect opportunity for the character to shine and showcase his gifts as an agent because we hadn’t seen much of it since last season. It was also good to see two of the most levelheaded agents paired together. Jakes has now consistently proven that he’s got a solid foundation laid out in front of him and I’m hoping we revisit the storyline with his son again. He’s not only more stable now with his emotions and all that he’s dealt with in the past, but he’s without a doubt one of the most deserving when it comes to a happily ever after.

I know and understand that while he’s in Ari’s presence he must behave a certain away, but good grief, Briggs is repulsive undercover. One Ari is enough we really don’t need another acting just like him for a while. Thankfully, Paige’s contribution to this case has made it a bit more bearable and less tiresome. Although she had to partake in an unsexy sex scene, sending a man to the ER because she broke his nose was hysterical. Ultimately what’s most entertaining regarding this particular case is the fact that she’s regaining her steadiness back. As we go forward with the case, it’s clear that she’ll continue to forgive herself in a much healthier way. I loved the way she took and charge for it perfectly reminded viewers of how well she’s able to operate undercover.

I loved the little parallel of Johnny arresting Mike just as he did back in the pilot. It’s been so long since the two of them worked together, so it was great to see that bromance resurface in a way. Does anyone else miss their friendship because I certainly do. I would’ve honestly loved to see them bond more beck in season one, their bond was incredibly fun to watch. Their part of the mission was definitely an entertaining one but the end actually left me really disappointed. Listen if you’re going to do drugs, you do you (better to stay healthy, but once you force it onto someone else, the line’s been crossed. I really do not like the way the series is dramatizing Mike’s addiction. And I especially didn’t like the fact that they had it forced onto him this way for it also made Madison’s character look back. Thankfully and hopefully this situation will be handled better next week when the team begins keeping a better eye on him.

As previously stated, tonight’s episode was entertaining, but it really gave us nothing in terms of character development. With everyone paired off the way they were, it was the prime opportunity for some subtle moments of development but instead it focused too heavily on the case. I’m not saying they should’ve each sat down for a heart to heart over coffee but even a few moments would’ve been enough. All we saw was them commending one another for the work that was done, and while that’s fantastic, if we got just a little bit more it would’ve been perfect.

What are your thoughts on this week’s episode?



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