Graceland 3×04 “Aha” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Aha! Nope I have nothing creative to say. 

Episode Summary: Graceland agents work together to frame Ari for Layla’s murder but they fail miserably when Colby loses his life due to the fact that Ari suspects him of everything that’s happened throughout the day. And that’s pretty much it?!

Review | Analysis: Tonight’s episode was aesthetically pleasing in terms of black and white/single colored object contrast; however, other than that, it’s without a doubt my least favorite episode in the entire series. It spent way too much time on our villain as opposed to on our ensemble cast thereby, I feel I have very little to analyze, and this review it feels strange.

I don’t have a lot to say but there are some things I need to cover so let’s get to it.

We all know Mike’s not really done with prescription medication, so when will the rest of the team know? Prayer circle it’s sooner rather than later. On a much lighter note, awesome parallels are always worthy of acknowledgment and I loved the bit with Charlie doing Mike’s (undercover) makeup. It was a graceful tie to the very first episode only this time, Mike wasn’t the nervous newbie about to embark on a deadly mission. These are the little moments that played an enormous part in me falling in love with the series and it’s nice to pay homage to them three years later. At the end of the day, while guest stars on Graceland are always intriguing, nothing comes close to the intimate moments shared between the agents themselves.

Also, Johnny and the situation with Carlito – prayer circle it happens sooner rather than later. I am however, really loving the fact that it’s givingJakes and Johnny an opportunity to bond a little. I loved that while in the first season Johnny and Jakes were constantly at each other’s throats, this season we’re given moments where the men ultimately try to understand one another. They’ve learned how to work together as a team, and with Jakes especially, he’s the only one who’s grasped the fact that they’re truly a family and must always have each other’s back. He may not say it often, but it’s undeniable that he cares deeply for each of them. Jakes reminds me of an older sibling – they’ll boss you around and pick on you, but if anyone else said anything bad about you, they’d be first in line to kick their a#$.

Briggs’ case with Ari gets worse and worse by the second thus, judging by the trailer, this isn’t going to end well. And because of him, Colby who had been retired paid the price. While innocent people will die in their line of work sometimes, at this point, too many lives are at risk and it’s disgusting to me that this is a form of punishment for Briggs. Yes, let’s just keep Ari and the Sarkissian family on the streets when we’re aware of the horrors they’re capable of. Smooth, FBI – real smooth.

And in terms of aesthetics, as I said above, I loved the black and white/color contrast. It did a great job of creating something different than what we often see with crime shows by giving us an enjoyable Noir feel. The fact that most of the colors were in the reds gives us the idea that things are going to get really ugly before they get great. Symbolically reds tend to represent passion/love/desires – but in this case, it could easily represent rage/fire and the idea that there will be flames that must be put out properly before everyone’s burned in the process. However, the only way to properly do that is to work as a team and they’re begin to do so gracefully but will they be able to keep it up as time goes by? Let’s hope. Please and thank you.

And my final issue – I have no idea what language Ari and Martun were speaking at one point, but it most certainly didn’t sound Armenian. And when Ari did speak Armenian it was so quick the words didn’t even sound the way they’re supposed to. In other words, I had to put the volume all the way and press replay a few times in order to pick things up. I probably caught one or two words and I’ve been speaking it my entire life. I know it isn’t the easiest language to speak especially because we have so many different accents, but it would’ve been preferable as a viewer if he just continued speaking English rather than his Armenian coming off unnatural.

And that’s a wrap on this review, folks – apologies on the lack of analysis, but there’s really nothing else to discuss. If there is something you’ve picked up on that you’d like me to cover, let me know and we shall do so. Thank you x



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