Graceland 3×03 “Sense Memory” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Secrets secrets secrets and more secrets.

Episode Summary: Johnny and Jakes haul drugs themselves because Carlito knows who they are. Amber and Charlie can’t find Reggie because his name’s really Rodney. Briggs is still trying to be best buds with Ari. Mike’s still in “I don’t know what” land. Paige’s staying and concerned for everyone.

Review | Analysis: I have no idea where the rest of the episode went because it felt like it was about 15 minutes for me. That said, I’m literally sitting here unsure of what to write because there’s nothing that’s really gripped me enough to provide in depth analysis for. I did however find myself intrigued and excited for what’s to come because the team’s slowly looking and behaving like one. Sure every family bickers but at the end of the day it’s clear that these group of individuals genuinely care for one another.

Mike’s chicken count is one of the most interesting parts of the episode because symbolically the animals represent reflection. It’s said that for instance that if a chicken crosses one’s path, it’s to mean that the person should conduct self evaluation. [Due to the fact that getting to a computer is still ridiculously exhausting for me because of my surgery, I cannot provide a link for reference. However, if you choose to look it up, you’ll find this meaning and more. And my reason for choosing this one in particular was because it seemed most fitting to Mike.] Mike’s changed a lot from the man we met in the Pilot – he’s no longer as squeaky clean as he used to be, but there is still a sense of innocence in him. A desire to genuinely do right by everyone even though his mind isn’t at the healthiest place to do so. Mike’s in dire need of emotional and strategic reflection and if precautions aren’t taken soon, he may spiral completely out of control. And here’s the thing, if he’s already begun illegally purchasing prescription medicine, then who’s to say tomorrow he won’t be experimenting with other drugs. In other words, common dude, who needs medication?! Mentally tell yourself you’re a badass and move on. I can’t say I’m for this storyline because ultimately it’s just not that unique anymore – especially when we’ve already seen a drug addiction storyline with Briggs. I’m such a fan of parallels but this isn’t exactly the kind I personally wanted to see. I also wish Briggs took Paige’s concern more seriously and approached Mike’s use of medication. While what he’s seen most likely must mean something, it’s still necessary to take precaution and tell the entire team about his suspicions.

Also I’m so glad Paige put Briggs in his place regarding everything he’s done to Charlie. At the end of the day, the series tends to forget that though Briggs calls the shots most often, he’s done a lot of backstabbing.

I loved the fact that Johnny told Jakes the truth, and I love the fact that Jakes chose to help him. The man’s truly a gift in the sense that he’s the only one who uses common sense. Bless. I’m also hoping that this gives Johnny the opportunity to tell the rest of the team as opposed to keep quiet on certain things.

Charlie and Amber could potentially make an awesome team if Amber wasn’t so careless with the way she operates. However, while I couldn’t stand their scenes together last season, I enjoyed watching it this time and actually find it more entertaining than Briggs/Ari. Every time Ari opens his mouth, I lose faith in humanity.

The team is finally working together on a mission and it’s glorious. It’s all I’ve wanted to see, y’all. Thank you, Jeff Eastin + writers. It’s always nice to see how concerned they are for one another when they’re a team and it’s ultimately why they succeed. And I can’t wait until next week where things finally begin.

Apologies again on the length and lack of analysis but I’ve had another surgery  (last one! Yay! I’m done!) but I need a bit more time to recover so when I can properly get to a computer and focus my mind on the series, I’ll resume with my usual analyses. Thank you for understanding xx



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