Graceland 3×02 “Chester Cheeto” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Chester Cheeto” wasn’t bloodless, but it gave us excellent character development for our favorite agents.

Episode Summary: Briggs is still playing besties with Ari and it’s as frustrating as ever. Mike’s getting a little too attached to medication. Paige’s on the road to forgiving herself and Mike. Johnny’s secrets are bound to catch up with him. Charlie deals with a great amount this week. Dale Jakes is thankfully the most drama free character in the house. And lastly, ding dong the Sid is dead.

Review | Analysis: This episode was more thrilling than last week’s but it ultimately left me more frustrated than pleased with the majority of characters. Moreover, I’m proud of the series for exploring an abortion storyline and making it clear that a woman’s choice should not only be hers but it’s great to have supportive friends in the process. As stated in last week’s review, I’m certain I’m not going to enjoy where the cases go this season, but I’m looking forward to the character development.

Dale Jakes needs more screen time. Dale Jakes needs more screen time. Dale Jakes needs more screen time. I figured if I repeat it three times it’s more likely to happen. Right? I loved the first scene with him asking Mike if he knew how to tie a bow tie followed by him claiming his coffee. It was a perfect reminder of the series I fell in love with it. It was always the lighthearted scenes between the agents that made the series different than other crime dramas, and it’s nice to know that we’re slowly getting more moments as such.

It’s interesting that the series tackled abortion because it’s not often something that’s discussed on TV. At the end of the day, everyone has their opinions on the matter and as someone who believes everyone’s entitled to their own bodies, it was great to know that Charlie made the choice to do what shewanted. Even though it caused an argument with Briggs, she ultimately took Paige’s question to heart and chose to decide for her. Yes, she’ll be Agent Catherine DeMarco, but she’ll also be a mother and if that’s what she wants, then go team Mommies! Last week I mentioned wanting to see more of the friendship between Paige and Charlie because female friendships are incredibly important, and I’m thrilled the series decided to deliver. Paige’s approach to the entire situation was perfect. She was as supportive as any friend should be and she made certain to make it clear that it’s Charlie’s choice which ultimately matters. It’s Charlie’s heart’s desire that’s most important and whatever she chooses, she’ll have her friend’s support. Additionally, I loved Charlie’s comment about not wanting Paige to leave her because they’re already outnumbered with the male agents in the house. And it’s a nice way of shouting out that we need more female leads. Please and thank you. As the mom of the house, Charlie’s attempt with the dinner was to convince Paige to stay and though they didn’t go through with it, we can be confident that their bond is only going to get stronger from here on out.

At the end of season two it appeared as though Charlie and Briggs were doing fine as a duo but if I’m being honest, I’m glad they’re on this break right now. Although there are no more secrets between the two from Briggs’ end, they jumped in too quickly and if they’re going to be a healthy couple, it needs to happen slower. They’ll always have each other’s backs that’s for certain, but at the moment, they aren’t a healthy couple because of the approaches they’ve taken in the past. While Briggs was undoubtedly harsh and controlling while speaking to Charlie, his concerns came from a heartfelt place. I too wouldn’t be okay with any pregnant woman taking a case with someone who almost got them killed before. Charlie’s a strong one – a fighter and a winner, but Amber isn’t exactly the most trustworthy. However, a part of me wants to believe that motherly instincts would’ve told her to do otherwise if she felt truly threatened by the situation in front of her. So here’s to hoping that this time around, we have two badass ladies fighting alongside one another instead of with each other. And let’s hope that no harm comes to the baby.

I’m not even a little surprised that we’re back at a place where I’m questioning Briggs’ actions every second. Thankfully he still has a conscious, but the man needs to act quickly with Ari or else this is going to get even uglier than what’s happened with the Solanos. And now that Briggs has harmed Layla, it’s going to make Ari even more gruesome than he already is. There are so many things wrong with Ari and I have a lot of problems with the man and his morals. A lot. However, for the sake of my own sanity, I rather not get into the negative things. Refer to Michael Scott in “Casino Night” (The Office) “Why are you the way that you are? I hate so much about the things that you choose to be.

I’m glad Sid’s out of the picture because y’know homeboy wasn’t exactly the most noble cop on the block, but I expected his death to be different. It almost felt too quick and as though his story hadn’t ended yet. And for it to come from Johnny is something I didn’t expect at all. It’s good to know he’s not betraying his team, but again, he needs to be straightforward with them and reveal everything that’s going on. Here’s the thing with Johnny and Lucia – surely we’re to assume that a lot goes on that we don’t see, but at the end of day, we need to see more of this relationship in order to understand just how much Johnny cares for her. He’s a great man and would undoubtedly help her because it’s not only his job, but it’s who he is, but if we are to believe he’s saving her as the woman he loves, then we need to see more. And I’m hoping that we get that opportunity soon in order for it to really feel organic. I’m so tired of Carlito appearing as this invincible man – one of these days everything he’s done will catch up with him right? Dude belongs in prison for life.

Okay seriously who thought it was wise to let Mike out of a hospital? He clearly still needs supervision and the fact that he’s so dependent on prescription drugs is a big no no. How about we play a game called “let’s not have Mike mirror Briggs in every way.” It just doesn’t feel natural to have him do something he knows is wrong. When Briggs was addicted to heroin, it was because he was forced into it. And frankly I’m so tired of this storyline happening in every TV show. It often just feels so forced and this is one of those times. Clearly his housemates aren’t blind and if Briggs has his suspicions, he should voice them to everyone else so it’s stopped quickly. In order to be cleared for the field, he needs to make a full and real recovery.

I’m such a fan of heartfelt reconciliations, and the scene in Paige’s bedroom with Mike was gorgeously executed. See kids, if you had this conversation back then, none of this sh*t would’ve ever happened and the two of you would’ve been on the road to happily ever after. Oh, the things we do for TV drama …  They may never be the same, but maybe they can be better people. Stronger – and more honest. For right now however, it’s great to see them rebuild a friendship. They’ve always shared a profound understanding and it’s nice to see them on the same page. Mike knows that Paige is indifferent to her heroism award and she’s set on leaving the house, so he chooses to finally come clean in hopes that it’ll change something. He tells her how he was trying to save Lina when it all happened and admits that his decision to burn the body and conceal the truth was wrong. This gives Paige the opportunity to open up, and she states that the award is a reminder of what she did wrong. And Mike tells her to view it as a reminder of all that she did right further giving her the encouragement to forgive herself for all that’s occurred. Graceland truly is sacred and they must all constantly protect each other in order to find home and love in their hearts. Each and every one of them must be honest, open, and giving for those are the only ways they can be safe from terrors within and protect the world from bad guys.

What are your thoughts on this week’s episode? Again, I’m still in the process of recovery from surgery so apologies in advance for any delays and things like that. Hope you’ve enjoyed this xx



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