Project Announcement: 100 Days of Fan Favorites

Fandom Positivity
4 Categories | 25 Choices 

As much fandoms are an incredible place to meet friends and have engaging discussions about our favorite things, it’s unfortunately not always the healthiest environment. Although we wish we could deny it doesn’t exist, negativity is constantly present. There’s almost always some sort of a ship war happening, anonymous hate sprinkled everywhere, and people fighting with people over their opinions. We’ve decided that in order to continue spreading positivity, we’re going to spend 100 days talking about what we love. Apart from our weekly TV reviews, we wanted to start this project as another form of spreading love through our site. We want to take this time to talk about what’s inspired us and we want to encourage you all to do the same. (Plus, one of us is just a huge fan of making lists — if there’s an opportunity to make one, you best believe she’ll take it.)

Because we’re writers, we’ll be writing about each of our choices; however, if you wanted to do this as well, you could show your love in numerous ways: gifs, graphics, hashtags on social media, whatever you choose. We’re all extremely busy so there’s no deadline. You could spread out the 100 days however you’d like, at the end, what’ll matter is that we’ve spent 100 days talking about things we love and that’s a nice way to spend time. And now without further ado, the categories:

25 Favorite Couples
25 Favorite Families / Friendships
25 Favorite Females
25 Favorite Males

You can choose from your favorite films, TV series, or novels. Remember to use the hashtag #100DaysofFanFavorites on social media. And for the individual sub categories just as they’re listed above. You can do this wherever you’d like and however you’d like for the sole purpose is to once again spend less time hating on others, and spending more time spreading love.


  1. Spread Kindness 
    talk about what you love without trashing what you dislike
  2. Write/Create as Though You’re the Only One Who’ll See It
    remember these are your opinions and they could be whatever they want
  3. Don’t Comment on Opinions You Disagree With
    please x infinity — we sincerely just want this to be an opportunity to spread love, if you disagree with something that’s been said, turn the other cheek
  4. Have Fun!

Scandal 4×22 “You Can’t Take Command” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

We finally get a happy ending but it wouldn’t be Scandal without a cliffhanger of a fav character and their faith on the show!

Episode Summary: The Gladiators took down B613 and Olivia finally picked her man and Mellie won her election, but sadly Fitz lost his.

Review | Analysis: The episode opened up with Mellie speaking to Mr. Papa Pope who obviously was in disguise as a billionaire donor, Damascus Bainbridge. Once everyone left, he told her his true intentions: showing her photos of her trysts with the VP and evidence of Remington, the secret operation from last season, oh a slew of things!

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Chicago P.D. 2×23 “Born Into Bad News” Recap

Spoilers Ahead 

“Born Into Bad News” was solid – a finale with an intriguing plot, excellent performances, and unanswered questions that’ll leave fans anticipating season three.

Episode Summary: Retired officer Commander Perry chooses to help his nephew clear his name from a narcotic unit who are using their job to get additional money from drug busts. And in order to prove their doings, Lindsay and Voight act as though they want in on their crimes as well. Antonio asks some members of the unit if they’d be willing to invest in a boxing gym. A woman from Olinsky’s past has secrets of her own. There’s a wedding in the future. And a beloved character decides her time in the unit is up – but we all know it’s temporary.

Review | Analysis: The last few episodes of Chicago P.D. haven’t exactly been my favorites, and I suppose having little to no expectations for this finale worked for my benefit. At this point as an avid television viewer, I’ve established that there’s such a thing as the “season two curse”. Okay maybe I made it up, but I’m sticking to it. Kuddos to the very few shows that haven’t fallen victim to it – ultimately I would describe the “season two curse” as the most ridiculously dramatic season. And it often happens towards the end where we’re given so much frustrating build up, it’s nearly tempting to send writers medical bills. That said, “Born Into Bad News” has actually left me believing that season three will be even better than season two, and the further development we get will exceed all expectations.

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Spring ’15 Finale Roundup: Week One

| May 10 – 17 |

It’s been an eventful week on Television and while this is only week one of the finales, we’re certain we’re in for promising season returns. Unfortunately, the only series not returning is ABC’s Revenge and you could read all our finale thoughts here. And now, without further ado, here are some of our favorite things.

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Chicago P.D. 2×22 “Push the Pain Away” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

“Push The Pain Away” featured some of the strongest performances we’ve everseen from Sophia Bush.

Episode Summary:  A group of men go on a shooting spree, but with the help of Mouse and Erin, the Intelligence unit puts an end to their schemes. Kim has loved her first day as an official detective while Atwater’s adventures as a regular patrol officer weren’t as great. Platt’s kind advice is ignored and Lindsay spirals backwards in the worst way possible.

Review | Analysis:  It’s a shame that I don’t have a lot of good things to talk about in this episode. And it’s a shame that I’m more nervous for the finale than I am excited. However, despite the fact that I don’t have a lot to have actually analyze, this week’s case was a lot more interesting than last week’s. I found myself intrigued with the men because you know that their reasoning was going to be something personal and while it didn’t justify their actions, it made for a great hour of television.

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Nashville 3×22 “Before You Go Make Sure You Know” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

____________________ And that’s the cliffhanger. Surprising? Nope.

Episode Summary:  Deacon and Beverly prepare for the liver transplant but things don’t go as planned when one of their monitors flatlines. Juliette reacts terribly to Avery’s concerns and puts baby Cadence’s life in danger. Gunnar goes to Texas with Kiley to visit Micah and Scarlett decides to move in with Caleb. However, it doesn’t stop the two magnificent singers from almost rekindling an old flame. Teddy’s going to prison. Will’s finally opened up about his sexuality. And Jeff’s still the worst character on this show.

Review | Analysis:  One of the primary reasons I stuck behind Nashville despite the impeccable music are the faultless performances each actor delivers even when I despise the characters. Sadly and strangely I don’t have much to say about this episode because as you all know I don’t like to spend too much time talking about things that aren’t exactly my favorite. However, due to the reason that this is a finale, there are things I need to discuss. Nashville’s had some pretty moving season finales and while this one was probably the worst, it was also well executed because of what it could set up for next season.

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Revenge 4×23 “Two Graves” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

As much as we make mistakes, It is never too late to turn around and be the person you know that you could be.

Episode Summary: Amanda Clarke admits to killing Victoria Grayson. Before we can call her crazy, it is her plan of escape. With the help of Nolan, the security system malfunctions, giving her enough time to leave. Her calm attitude as she walks out of the prison walls is a hilariously powerful moment. She escapes from from a high secured confinement without a scratch or a bruise. And as Nolan waits outside for her, we remember flashbacks of the two when she first got out so many years ago. Amanda Clarke becomes Amanda Porter as Revenge comes to an end. And lives are remembered as love paves the way to peace.

Review | Analysis: As the show begins, we see a younger Amanda with her father. She draws the infinity sign in the sand as her father completes it. This sign has always been here, from the very beginning. It was that strong infinite love that lead Amanda to clear her father’s name and come out happier than ever.

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Once Upon A Time 4×21-22 “Operation Mongoose” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

And just like that Once Upon A Time reminds us of the fact that Emma Swan is one of the greatest fictional characters in history – “Operation Mongoose” Parts I and II were a solid two hours of fantastic television. Between the gorgeous costumes, exceptional performances, and nerve wrecking storylines, it’s been an epic ride leading us into a torturous three month long hiatus.

Episode Summary: Isaac rewrites everyone’s stories into a best selling novel called Heroes and Villains. However, the stories in the book will only ever become a permanent reality if things aren’t made right before the loud tolling of bells at sunset. Because Henry wasn’t born in the Enchanted Forest, he remains in Storybrooke with his memories and finds the author (by driving?! What!). At this point he traps them both into the book and when convincing Regina that she’s his mother doesn’t work, he seeks Hook’s help in order to find Emma. Snow and Charming are an evil duo. Regina’s a miserable bandit with Robin as her competition engaged to be married to Zelena. And Rumplestilskin is the noblest knight of them all. A heroic sacrifice from Regina allows new author Henry to use her blood as ink and all’s restored back to normal. The only problem is, in the world of Once Upon A Time, happiness is short lived, and as Rumplestilskin dies, the dark one needs another soul to consume to which Emma boldly sacrifices herself for everyone else.

Review | Analysis: It’s pretty evident by now for frequent readers that we’ve changed our style for this particular episode. Since there’s so much to discuss in both worlds, we’re writing our Once Upon A Time reviews the same way we do for other series. Tonight’s episode delivered incredibly shocking and inimitably heartfelt moments that’ll be talked about for a while. Cliffhangers are never fun but in the world of Once Upon A Time, we know that the heroes always win. And as much as we’ve been dreading what occurred, we’ve got a great amount of hope in us that it’s going to be fantastic. For the first time since the series aired, we aren’t being introduced to new characters and we’re looking forward to getting to know the ones we have now. Without further ado, let’s get to discussing shall we?

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Scandal 4×21 “A Few Good Women” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

A week left from the season finale and all roads lead to Rowan.

Episode Summary: It seems that everything that has happened Papa Pope has had something to do with it. Now it seems like he is planning something major called Operation Foxtail.

Review | Analysis: Jake has been staying at Olivia’s apartment to recuperate. Abby and Liv have lunch together and all Abs can talk about is Jake, despite the fact that there were more pressing matters that needed attention.

The latest case is brought to you by our full-of-surprises VP Susan Ross. Susan meets Ensign Amy Martin and she notices a bruise on Amy’s wrist and requests some alone time with the sailor. Mind you she meets this girl at a Navy photo-op. Amy says the bruise was the result of a training accident, but come on we all know that is a lie.

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