Project Announcement: 100 Days of Fan Favorites

Fandom Positivity
4 Categories | 25 Choices 

As much fandoms are an incredible place to meet friends and have engaging discussions about our favorite things, it’s unfortunately not always the healthiest environment. Although we wish we could deny it doesn’t exist, negativity is constantly present. There’s almost always some sort of a ship war happening, anonymous hate sprinkled everywhere, and people fighting with people over their opinions. We’ve decided that in order to continue spreading positivity, we’re going to spend 100 days talking about what we love. Apart from our weekly TV reviews, we wanted to start this project as another form of spreading love through our site. We want to take this time to talk about what’s inspired us and we want to encourage you all to do the same. (Plus, one of us is just a huge fan of making lists — if there’s an opportunity to make one, you best believe she’ll take it.)

Because we’re writers, we’ll be writing about each of our choices; however, if you wanted to do this as well, you could show your love in numerous ways: gifs, graphics, hashtags on social media, whatever you choose. We’re all extremely busy so there’s no deadline. You could spread out the 100 days however you’d like, at the end, what’ll matter is that we’ve spent 100 days talking about things we love and that’s a nice way to spend time. And now without further ado, the categories:

25 Favorite Couples
25 Favorite Families / Friendships
25 Favorite Females
25 Favorite Males

You can choose from your favorite films, TV series, or novels. Remember to use the hashtag #100DaysofFanFavorites on social media. And for the individual sub categories just as they’re listed above. You can do this wherever you’d like and however you’d like for the sole purpose is to once again spend less time hating on others, and spending more time spreading love.


  1. Spread Kindness 
    talk about what you love without trashing what you dislike
  2. Write/Create as Though You’re the Only One Who’ll See It
    remember these are your opinions and they could be whatever they want
  3. Don’t Comment on Opinions You Disagree With
    please x infinity — we sincerely just want this to be an opportunity to spread love, if you disagree with something that’s been said, turn the other cheek
  4. Have Fun!

Graceland 3×10 “Master of Weak Ties” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Everything’s connected and Paul Briggs doesn’t like sharing all his plans. 

Episode Summary: After Charlie learns that Germaine has a huge contact ATF is after, she asks Jake to get a meet with them. Johnny and Paige help Briggs do whatever he’s doing. Ari’s gone through the tattoo ceremony and Toros’ death was staged as a suicide. Oh, and as it turns out, Gusti’s been working with Briggs. Lol.

Review | Analysis: I appreciated Lucy Liu’s direction for such a driven episode, but I wish she was given more opportunities to work around the main cast in Graceland. The most fascinating part of the entire episode was the opening segments with the group trying to clean up the mess from last week. It was cinematically gorgeous and for a little series like Graceland, it felt extremely fitting.

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Graceland 3×09 “Hand of Glory” Recap

Spoilers Ahead 

Things aren’t ever what they seem and that’s pretty frustrating.

Episode Summary: Charlie convinces Jake to go back in business with Germaine. Briggs tortures Logan to prove his loyalties to Ari. Mike and Johnny are on duty to watch Toros, but they ditch that scene when Mike starts to second-guess Briggs’ intentions. After Logan’s had enough he gives up Paige’s name and Ari notifies the Sarkissian family realizing that the DEA’s + FBI’s intentions are to bring down Martun. And when Paige flees from the scene, Toros follows — only it doesn’t end well for him.

Review | Analysis:Hand of Glory” was riveting and action packed — a reminder of the kind of show Graceland can be. I was proud to see that each character had a prominent storyline which was thoroughly intriguing and set off the rest of the season’s tone excellently. My only concern now is hurry up and wrap up this case with the Sarkissian family because it’s been too much already.

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Graceland 3×08 “Savior Complex” Recap

Spoilers Ahead 

When it appears one agent’s finally chosen the right path, another seems to be trailing off somewhere unpredictable. 

Episode Summary: Odin Rossi makes a quick reappearance. With the help of the red birds, Mike realizes he needs the team’s help to detox. Jakes finally arranges a meet with Germaine but as it turns out he’s a CI under the ATF’s protection. In other words, everything Charlie’s gone through and lost has been for nothing. Amber’s back in prison. Ari and Toros are debating dealing with the FBI. And Vin is going back home leaving Mike in charge of the nuclear weapon.

Review | Analysis: “Savior Complex” much like “Bon Voyage” was full of riveting performances. However, “Savior Complex” has kicked off the rest of the season’s arc in a way I never imagined possible. Although this episode was intriguing, I still can’t help but be disappointed in the fact that characters are always sidelined. Graceland is about undercover FBI/DEA/Customs agents and sometimes, it seems we don’t give enough attention to the rest. I miss the days where they each had their own cases then came together at the end of the day — those are fun.

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Graceland 3×07 “Bon Voyage” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

 “Bon Voyage”  featured some of the most powerful performances we’ve ever seen on Graceland. And if that doesn’t make for great television, then what does?

Episode Summary: Johnny and Jakes reluctantly agree to help Briggs put Ari behind bars, but their plans go down the drain when Ari and Toros don’t show up for the meet. Charlie’s about to end her case in Florida, and in the midst of it, she loses her baby. The team’s confronted Mike’s addiction and while the intervention doesn’t go as planned, it appears he’s honestly willing to get help.

Review | Analysis: I wholeheartedly appreciated the fact that “Bon Voyage” paid so much homage to the first season of Graceland. It was an incredible reminder of why this series is so unique amongst cop dramas and the fire it’s lacked for a while was finally returned. Additionally, we hadn’t been given enough material to showcase just how gifted the actors in this series are, and it’s great that the episode gave them opportunities to really shine. It was evocative, intriguing, and an hour that should’ve most definitely been longer.

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Graceland 3×06 “Sidewinder” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Secrets are out and foundations are strengthened.

Episode Summary: Toros just isn’t fond of Briggs so luckily, Paige saves his life in the unsexiest sex scene ever. Mike proves he’s trustworthy to Gusti. Charlie and Jakes successfully arrange a meet with Germaine. Johnny’s awesome. And the team finally learns Mike’s secret.

Review | Analysis: The best part of this episode was the fact that each team member was paired off on a mission. And in the world of Graceland, there’s nothing better than team work. I didn’t particularly find this episode as entertaining as last week’s but it’s made me so excited for next week.

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Graceland 3×05 “Piñon Tree” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

When one door closes …

Episode Summary: The team’s disappointed in themselves when they hear Colby’s lost his life due to their plans. Mike’s continuing to chase his visions all while his addiction worsens. Charlie’s still searching for Germaine. And after saving Lucia’s life, Johnny finally puts Carlito behind bars.

Review | Analysis: “Piñon Tree” featured my favorite moment thus far in season three, however, I found myself wanting a lot more than what we were given. I’m so pleased with the fact that this episode focused less on Ari and more on our agents. As I’ve said before, I have no problems with guest stars, but I do have issues with them taking up too much screen time while the main characters get sidelined – that said, I’m glad we got the focus back this week because it gives me plenty to talk about.

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Graceland 3×04 “Aha” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Aha! Nope I have nothing creative to say. 

Episode Summary: Graceland agents work together to frame Ari for Layla’s murder but they fail miserably when Colby loses his life due to the fact that Ari suspects him of everything that’s happened throughout the day. And that’s pretty much it?!

Review | Analysis: Tonight’s episode was aesthetically pleasing in terms of black and white/single colored object contrast; however, other than that, it’s without a doubt my least favorite episode in the entire series. It spent way too much time on our villain as opposed to on our ensemble cast thereby, I feel I have very little to analyze, and this review it feels strange.

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Graceland 3×03 “Sense Memory” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Secrets secrets secrets and more secrets.

Episode Summary: Johnny and Jakes haul drugs themselves because Carlito knows who they are. Amber and Charlie can’t find Reggie because his name’s really Rodney. Briggs is still trying to be best buds with Ari. Mike’s still in “I don’t know what” land. Paige’s staying and concerned for everyone.

Review | Analysis: I have no idea where the rest of the episode went because it felt like it was about 15 minutes for me. That said, I’m literally sitting here unsure of what to write because there’s nothing that’s really gripped me enough to provide in depth analysis for. I did however find myself intrigued and excited for what’s to come because the team’s slowly looking and behaving like one. Sure every family bickers but at the end of the day it’s clear that these group of individuals genuinely care for one another.

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Graceland 3×02 “Chester Cheeto” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Chester Cheeto” wasn’t bloodless, but it gave us excellent character development for our favorite agents.

Episode Summary: Briggs is still playing besties with Ari and it’s as frustrating as ever. Mike’s getting a little too attached to medication. Paige’s on the road to forgiving herself and Mike. Johnny’s secrets are bound to catch up with him. Charlie deals with a great amount this week. Dale Jakes is thankfully the most drama free character in the house. And lastly, ding dong the Sid is dead.

Review | Analysis: This episode was more thrilling than last week’s but it ultimately left me more frustrated than pleased with the majority of characters. Moreover, I’m proud of the series for exploring an abortion storyline and making it clear that a woman’s choice should not only be hers but it’s great to have supportive friends in the process. As stated in last week’s review, I’m certain I’m not going to enjoy where the cases go this season, but I’m looking forward to the character development.

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