TV Tuesday

February 17, 2015

Series: Boy Meets World
Episode: Things Change” (5×23)

Otherwise known as the episode Cory Matthews has a difficult time letting go of the fact that things are changing. And Eric Matthews later learns that Mr. Feeney is retiring. “There’s going to be a lot of changes in your life, Cory. It’s not the changes that matters, it’s how you react to the changes. That’s what makes you are.” 

So how do you react to changes? It seems that the most any of us can do when the changes in our lives have left us overwhelmed is to take it day by day. To understand that there’s nothing wrong with the unknown. There’s nothing wrong with not having it all together. There’s nothing wrong with taking things slow, being upset, being happy, and being confused. I’ve always believed that what Eric Matthews meant with the quote above is that as human beings, we must always remain true to ourselves no matter what occurred around us.

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