Music Monday

November 10, 2014

Who You Are” – Jessie J. |x|

One of our most favorite sayings “it’s okay not to be okay” comes from this very song. When any of us gets upset over something, it’s easy to blame ourselves. It’s easy to believe that we’ve failed in the midst of a set back.

Just because we’ve fallen doesn’t mean we’ve failed. Just because we’re having a bad day doesn’t mean we should give up. It takes a great amount of strength be vulnerable, and when you find yourself in that state, remind yourself that it’s okay. It’s not the end. It’s easy to get lost in the chaos, but with the understanding that you aren’t a failure, push yourself to rise. We’ve all got heartaches that we deal with on a daily basis – we’re all on the same page. And when you see someone who’s being hard on themselves, remind them of the very message we’re reminding you all of – it’s okay not to be okay, and after a while, it will be okay.

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