Once Upon A Time 6×14 “Page 23” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

That was … strange.

Episode Summary: In flashbacks, with the help of Tinkerbell, Regina’s father tries to bring her to her happiness by helping her find the man with the lion tattoo, but instead, she makes it so the magical arrow points her in the direction of the person she hates most. Upon remembering that she’s the person she hates most, in present day Storybrooke, Regina combines her love with the Evil Queen’s hate, and they send her back to the Wish Realm where she can start over. Emma learns the truth about what Killian did to her grandfather and just as he’s about to come home from running off to find himself, Gideon tramps him in Nemo’s submarine.

Review | Analysis: If we stop trying to figure out Once Upon A Time’s timelines and realms, we won’t be confused right? That’s essentially where I’m at with this episode. While I thoroughly loved the thematic importance of “Page 23”, when things don’t make sense, it’s a little tough to be fully engaged and pleased. But nonetheless, “Page 23” highlighted the importance of self-love beautifully. And thankfully, we no longer have to deal with the Evil Queen anymore.

Once Upon A Time knows how to remind us of the struggles we continuously face in our lives and “Page 23”, much like “Murder Most Foul” did that best by reminding us of the fact that forgiveness and self-love go together. It reminded us of the fact that at the end of the day, love will always win. It’ll always be able to heal even the darkest souls.

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This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

March 19-25
“Duet” | The Flash

It’s been one heck of an exciting week on TV with Once Upon A Time kicking engagements into motion. Madam Secretary gave us further insight into Jay’s struggles at home. When Calls the Heart showcased the power of friendship while exploring the importance of chasing our dreams. The Americans gave us a beautiful slow dance I can’t stop replaying. Chicago P.D. shattered our hearts. And Superstore reminded us of how much the Cloud 9 employees really care for one another. But it was The Flash’s musical crossover with Supergirl that left me the happiest.

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Chicago P.D. 4×17 “Remember the Devil” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

On a scale of one to 10, how heartbroken are our readers right now?

Case Summary: When a young girl is found locked up in a secluded area, the Intelligence unit must track down the man who placed the Craigslist ad to lure her and her still captive friend in. Olinsky returns to work. Jay’s ex-wife (?!?!) returns.

Review | Analysis: Chicago P.D. is far from perfect, in fact, its lack of continuity and the decision to ignore significant parts of a character’s life that was previously established never fails to make my blood boil. And the fact that the series makes me angrier than anything else probably triggers the good ol’ frequently asked question: why do you continue to watch and review it? Because my love for these characters knows no bounds. I care way too much about them to give up. And sometimes, I wonder if the writers think about the characters as much as fans do after an episode. Essentially, “Remember the Devil” is one of those episodes that legitimately makes me question a lot of things.

I won’t be doing a performer and an exquisite scene this week as there’s a lot to focus on in regards to the series as a whole. I hope that’s okay with our readers.

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Once Upon A Time 6×13 “Ill-Boding Patterns” Recap

Spoilers Ahead


Episode Summary: In flashbacks, we learn that Beowulf actually existed during the Ogre Wars and Rumplestilskin killed him. Oh, but he didn’t do out of free will, Baelfire commanded him to. (The kid who presumably hated magic.) Robin teams up with Zelena in order to leave Storybrooke, and Regina comes to the realization that she should’ve never split herself from the Evil Queen. Rumple darkens his soul for Gideon. Emma finds the ring, and Killian pops the question with a giant secret hanging over their head.

Review | Analysis: Every once in a while it’s safe to expect that we’ll come across an episode in our favorite show that’ll make us angry cry. And “Ill-Boding Patterns” was that episode for me — if I weren’t reviewing the show, I might’ve skipped it to save myself from witnessing the hottest mess in Once Upon A Time history. Perhaps, the most unfortunate aspect is the fact that the episode was set up to tell a riveting story, and it could have succeeded if it chose to respect its characters a little bit. It could’ve succeeded if the easy route wasn’t taken. Now while “Ill-Boding Patterns” is probably my least favorite episode to date, it wasn’t without great moments and it finally addressed something I’d been hoping for.

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This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

March 12-16
“Murder Most Foul” | Once Upon A Time


It’s been one of the strongest weeks on television leaving us with a number of choices for this category. Madam Secretary had our heroine punch a man for sexual harassment. (This was our second choice, actually.) When Calls the Heart was as adorable as ever. This is Us gave us on an emotionally charged season finale. The Americans reminded us of how lonely the life of spies can be. And Black-ish dealt with pregnant women in the workplace beautifully. But it was Once Upon A Time’s “Murder Most Foul” which became one of our all-time favorite episodes.

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This Week’s Most Noteworthy Performance

March 12-18
“Murder Most Foul” | Once Upon A Time
Josh Dallas


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This is Us 1×18 “Moonshadow”

Big Three Moments of the Week

I’m pleasantly surprised with the fact that the finale was nothing as I’d expected. And although it didn’t end in the happily ever after I would have preferred, from beginning to end, it did a remarkable job of leaving me mesmerized. This is a series about unity. It’s a series that focuses on raw, complex emotions without glossing over them. It forces us to feel beyond what we can understand. And whether the emotions are positive or negative, its success comes from the profoundly layered characters that tirelessly tug on our heartstrings.

I was under the impression that this separation was meant to leave us heartbroken, but instead, I was left with melancholic hope. A feeling that may not exactly be ideal, but it’s real. And I’m okay with it.

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